Day 678: A New Year’s Perspective

(For those in my world, and around the World)

Trouble surrounds the New Year and who here hasn’t been in it, the beginning and the finish, or is it just one minute or moment before 12 midnight, where in some parts of the world the night is still young and fun is the consuming of alcohol with all y’all, telling tales about how Ima change this year, that didn’t work out too well last year, so here’s another beer for you and I’ll drink to that, said around the globe all at the same time, in the same mind-frame, just to wake up with a hangover from hell, but hell I had a good time though, consisting of chasing after tail, to plant a seed of who self has become, until one gets a call that there’s a baby in the bun and on the way, then the Happy New Year becomes; “Just one of those day”.

And Yes sure enough, something did change, but not in the way you thought it ought to, but you saw you in every move that you made, while taking a back seat in your mind with a pitcher of cool aid, hypothetically speaking, I mean I should be ashamed, I should be ashamed is the name of the game, that’s not played, because I’m too comfortable in my way, staying tipsy, why’ll taking a puff to keep me dazed and inundated to not face my own creation, constipated with thoughts, I should be on probation, but wait…, It’s not too late for You to change, but it’s been about time for You to stop the Blame and have a New Year that’s worth looking forward to, “Yo” if I can do it, then so can You, so stop playing with yourself and start investigating yourself (HERE), before you’re totally depleted and there’s nothing left of yourself, but fear.

Thanks for Reading.

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