Day 673: A Self-Supporting Perspective

The act of doing for ourselves what we think we can’t and need others to do for us, i.e, come save me from the shit of a life I’ve created for myself, because I can barely breathe, due to the suffocating experience we perpetuate onto ourselves, by accepting the inundating of thought that our mind present to us on the daily, that we follow around in our heads, live and act out in our world and reality, and so the support aspect of self is missed and/or unseen by most, because when seeing the problem as it currently exist, (that we’ve created) we become overwhelmed with powerlessness and hopelessness along with a magnitude of thought telling us that where unable to do anything about it, and so tell ourselves, “I can’t do anything about it”, which vails us from seeing the solution within ourselves/that we are, thinking that this to too great of a problem to even ask for assistance of show and telling me how I can fix it myself. The solution lies within you that you’ll see as the truth of who you are, once you awaken it.

And awaken to the fact that self-support is real and works, which works if you work it, without a thought of thinking about an alcoholics worst nightmare, AA, far Away from a proven solution, but a momentary remedy of suppression, because of the acceptance that I’m powerless to do anything about it, because “I” don’t know my own mind and self-worth outside a monetary value that doesn’t value the life that is me, so support me as the crutch I think I need and leave the hard things to an entity I never seen, is our beckon cry and plead, I mean most would rather die than realize I am responsible for Self and need to support me, Yes the me that put me Here in this position in my Life, Yes the Life that I disregarded in spite of knowing that the world might be different , but only if I change, then resist the chance/opportunity to stand up for life, by supporting myself. The question then is; What is Self-Support?

Self-Support (as an analogy) is like a stork that never put its head in the sand to hide behind a suppressed Idea from the past, but instead would say to the past; “Hi you Like Me Now”, that I now live in the Here and Now with no judgement or comparison, but dared to be different and did it, in equality with all that is life, and now live with all, learning to respect life that gives support, when self-support is achieved. Then again Self-Support to me is the taking of self-responsibility and responsively responding to the spontaneity of the minds design, that would have one stuck within space and time while being mined to the bone without realizing it, a divorcing in fact

The divorcing of oneself from oneself, thinking that the ring didn’t fit, but shit, I never knew that I was married to me, but only followed the tricks up my sleeves that thieved the life right out of me, to me taking a back seat with the rest of humanity, frantically waiting for a chance to step in/jump into the Double Dutch of life and support myself, I mean this mind shit is slowly but surely getting old real quick and fast, once realized how limited and slow I’ve allowed myself to be and the past I’ve clung onto, instead of realizing the need to just STOP… and BREATHE. Therefore, the solution is to seize the opportunity and opportunely support oneself to realize that our Self is more than just skin and bones, but the ultimate way home, back to the Oneness we used to be and live Equality with all as me from sea to shining sea, which all start with Self-Support. Support yourself Here to learn what Self-Support really is, and what it means to you.

Thanks for Reading.

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