Day 672: Without a Shadow of a Doubt

[An Analogy of Self] The Thomas that doubted made a promise with his mind to not believe anything that anyone said, and so lived be a code of self-dishonesty. Shouting in disgust that his world is corrupt and that something needed to change, I’ve been through religion, I’ve been through spirituality and tired of the hearing the same old things, but still lied to myself about the past I held on to, that kept me in my same old ways, for days upon day, weeks, months and years, to decades I perpetuated decay, I calcified my mind up and down my spine, in an throughout my entire physical body, but suppress the pain and didn’t address the issue to see that, “it’s you” = me, blame was the game I used instead of being ashamed that I couldn’t remember, I did this to me.

Open to the idea that someday I may live to find a solution that fits, I tried everything from religion to Zen, just to realize that I was still full of shit, and within it all I kept on falling every time I would take a step, then beat up and down and to the ground and all around, over it. I didn’t see that if I am that of the problem, then the solution must exist within me, but since the mind was mine and a terrible thing to waste, I kept squandering the opportunity, and so the search goes on.

Until one day I was knee deep in ‘hay’ and saw a face on the Tube, I thought to myself after listening to it, I wonder who is this dude, because what they had to say was way out of bound, but for some reason it resonated with me, I thought and thought and couldn’t find a doubt, because of its simplicity. And that’s when I found Desteni.

But really though, why is it that we look for something outside the box, but when it smacks us in the face we jump back in, saying to ourselves, I doubt it, but felt the pain of truth that came with it? Is it that it’s just not our time to un-whine the entanglement that we’re in, or is it that we’ve become too comfortable with the limitations of four wall and a mind, that reminds us to live in sin?

To live ‘Without a Shadow of a Doubt, has nothing to do with religion, but the Knowingness that Nothingness must be achieved in order to become life, and live life to one’s utmost potential, doing that which is best for all life, so all life can thrive in and on this planet, that would seed the spawn of a New Universe to come, that can only happen when ‘You-and-I-Converse’, share our realizations with one another, that would assist and support the world as a whole (And Everything/One in it) to reach our utmost potential and truly live life Free, Without a Shadow of a Doubt.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Day 672: Without a Shadow of a Doubt

  1. Awesome written thanks Carlton.

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