Day 670: Focusing in Focus

As a Caution sign to self, stating Life is Present, and seeks your attention, right Here, right Now in whatever you’re doing, in this moment/At the moment/After this moment and to the next, into infinity and beyond, beyond the devil of a mind sitting on your shoulder assisting you to lose yourself, whispering in your ear, this is For-Us-Cause after the fact we got this going on, and on until it Suck-Off (Focus) our attention to detail into just so happening to miss the fine line in what we’re doing and fine ourselves lying about the mistake we just made, to ourselves and anyone else who’s watching and couldn’t see that we had company helping us do this, but that’s normal.

What’s un-normal is the point of stopping and (hypothetically speaking) telling your mind to shut the fuck up, through self-forgiving the acceptance of such mild distractions and infractions we’ve just caused to ourselves and what we’re dealing with, i.e. (I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to let my mind jump somewhere else, instead of focusing on this that I’m doing in this moment), that would shift us back Here and see clear the subject at hand, but for most of us, that’s out of the question, unless the focus suits an interest outside of our Self, being that everything outside of us, we look to try on like a suit, and walk right passed what we’re doing, into a head ache for the Mistake we just made, because it was too thick and burnt on the grill in our minds, that’s Embroidered in Braille; “ENJOY THE SIDE SHOW”, and find ourselves looking to focus again.

Better yet, looking for focus to begin, because as it been, I would just skim through to get by, and onto the next thing that pleases my eye, so in fact not here 100%, but hell bent on rushing to finish things, in whatever I was doing, just to say; “I did it”, “I gave it the good old college try”, which is one hell of a lie to perpetuate when things don’t pan out and have to start all over again, instead of realizing that it only takes ONE time to do it correctly which requires focus.

Interesting how when one obtain focus, as the silencing of ones mind, in the midst of your day, that’s been enacted with practice, tried, tested and true, no matter how long or short the time (and on the other hand), a disturbing phone call or text received from another, can momentarily throw a monkey wrench in your deprogramming process, which puts one out of sync with the focus one has attempted to achieve and if Self-Forgiveness is not immediately applied, makes it hard for one to revert back to the focus sought after and achieved, which just happened to me this morning while focusing on stopping my mind through elongated breaths driving, and got a text from a friend stating a detrimental form of abuse just happen to one of their friends, with a detailed description of what happened, and had to catch myself, from tumbling down a hill in my mind into a collected pile of thoughts ready to be activated when this topic comes up, so after realizing what just happened, saw this as a cool cross reference to my perspective on focusing in focus.

But again this applies to any and everything, why is it that the fear of loss doesn’t apply to focus, unless we fear losing monies attainable through what we’re doing, where focus we then force upon ourselves, such as when going to school for a job, and strenuously do so, but anything else outside of superficiality, we think doesn’t require much focus, let alone our time, especially having to do with anything self-corrective related, in relations to correcting oneself from festering around with life, and in life pestering around with other people and repeating in sequel, this over again, where, where is Self in this equation? it’s time to start focusing on the focus that is us, by stopping our minds. Focus = Forgiving-Correcting-Us. Self-Forgiveness to come.


Thanks for reading.


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