Day 669: A Freedom Perspective

The happiness that comes with the idea that one is free from something is short lived when one finds oneself back in the same self-created bondage one just removed oneself from, i.e. relationships, belief system (That feed you the idea that freedom comes from conformality), a dead end job, and so on and so forth, looking forward to escaping this place we’ve willingly placed ourselves in, simply because at the time it seemed like a ‘good’ idea to do what we did to put our self in such a precarious position, but now because it’s not working out for us, we long for freedom, when if we would only Free our Dome/Head from the plague that we define as our mind, things would most likely be fine, it’s time to Wake Up, as the profound freedom that was found when we were all asleep.

The weight on ones shoulders that creates the bogging down effect, chemically induces, that we experience when things are not going well, to the point of saying I don’t feel too good, is not looked at and misunderstood, but created through our participation in the mind/our minds, but it’s fine, I’ll jut take this medicine to suppress it in the meantime, just to watch it come back stronger later on, is in fact what we crave to be free from, but don’t want to see how to achieve this and so remain powerless to do anything about it, doubting there to be any solution to obtain this freedom.

Interesting how once we’re free from such momentary predicaments we chase after the happy go luck memories found way back in the beginning of this escapade and watch them escalate to the point of wanting to experience them again, which blinds one from seeing the freedom we’re in, where we then go back and do it again, claiming, but I love them though, and Whoa to the one that would tell me anything different, that it’s all lies, then find ourselves back looking for freedom again.

It should be a sin to have such a friend, that would tell you to follow you heart, then console you when things fall apart, I mean I fell for that trap a countless amount of times, like listening to the consul of doom telling you everything is going to be ok, don’t worry, then hurry up and leave the room when you get done crying, I mean test it out for yourself you’ll see exactly what I mean, the clinging on to an idealistic expectation of things being the same as they were before, but wait there’s more, it’s all my fault for running away from the problem in the first place.

Therefore, the question would be, is this search for freedom, to free oneself for one’s own bad habits/patterns and behaviors, on our behaves, or did it just get too hot in the kitchen for us to deal with/handle and dismantle, meaning the friction that conflict cause, causes us to long for freedom, because it wasn’t looked at and checked from the onset, but brushed aside due to being stuck in the honeymoon phase of any relationship, which should be a creation-ship, equally participating with one another to resolve any differences before they become flowers and drop pollen all over your parade, to achieving freedom that’s made Together.

In which case togetherness should be redefined, in order to really be free, because if you’re longing for freedom, that means you’re in a relationship with something, and that something we let get the best of US, instead of listening to what U-Say unconditionally without interruption, (unless it’s the trepidation of the mind) that would lead to the resolution of any situation, because Communication is Free and that what we’re trying to achieve, Therefore it may be that Communication is in fact the point of Freedom. Let’s Talk!

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One Response to Day 669: A Freedom Perspective

  1. Carlton, as usual, great blog and placing the points. thanks

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