Day 667: The Gullibility of Content

Being inundated with content is the acceptance of nonsense that we’ve become Content with. “Give them just enough to be satisfied, that’ll quench their thirst for more”, is how we’ve become sedated and educated to be grateful for what we got, which is not a lot, but in comparison with those who have none, is what makes us Content (instead of all having equally), enough to cause no waves or ripples in a fickle society that lies to me about what’s really going on and born in to falling for it everytime, because we know no better or better yet have become gullible to the point of being comfortable with the way thing are and thus perpetuate Contentment.

I’m not trying to ruffle and feather here, or else I might loss what I have, my stuff, remaining set in my own way, in hopes that no one comes and disrupt what I got going on in my day to day, which is a slaves’ way of thinking, slave to the same CON-sciousness that we allow to place a TINT on our vision from seeing the whole picture crystal clear, but still again, we fall for it every time.

Gullibility makes us silly when being conscientious under the belief that this content we come across is substantial enough to live by, thinking that money can buy us time before change is imminent and Content with that, but in fact gullibility only comes in when one choses to turn the other Cheek, then Back on what really makes us tick, as we suppress this into sickness and stick with the same medicine that makes us forget shit. We’re Content with these habitual patterns we’ve patent and continue to play out, but when all is lost, we blame on them without a doubt, somewhere out there puppeteering our strings, stating stop controlling me or I’ll leave, I mean I’m Content with not having this constant pain in my feet, then go back to the next best thing, (Spirituality maybe), as if we didn’t just realize our Self in everything, but got scared at what we saw being that of the truth and it hurts, but blaming it on someone else is not how it works.

Now in bringing it back to self, I’ve spent my whole life, up until this point, being Content with just about everything that came across my path, and misconstrued it as patience, thinking that if I remain Content, then somehow good Karma would play out and things would start coming my way, which didn’t happen, and within that became lazy with the belief that the world/universe owed me something, until the waiting became like a weight on my shoulder, when initially feeling good about myself, then tension in my body, watching myself sink deeper and deeper into my mind, to taking things to keep me awake for extra hours and days on end, because I didn’t want to miss it if something good was to happen and ended up losing everything, because I was too Content, and the gullibility for me came in with an Idea I-Dealt myself that my ‘Patience’ as Contentment was a virtue, but more like a vomiting effect into realizing how I was limiting myself in all aspects of my life, by being Content.

Satisfied with the Status quo, but ‘Oh’ how times have changed, to me now investigating why was I so Content with the person I was, and what came up is a sense of irresponsibility, where when any form of work is involved, especially having to due with correcting/changing my Self, resistance would set in, with an option looming over my head like a Halo of going back to being Content with who I was or to move forward, where at the beginning of my process, I let this Contentment keep me contained to only take bits and pieces of this New found information (Desteni) and use it according to my will as Pride/Ego, which only made matters worse, because of my starting point and definition of the word Content and that of being draped in a cloak of Gullibility, and so I hereby redefine the word Content to that of being a Limitless expansion of Self – only – Satisfied with the constant momentum/movement of forward progression while walking my process, will I be Content with.

Thanks for reading.


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