Day 666: Six/Six/Six

Continuing from Day 632: “Six” (6)

But I wouldn’t be Here if it wasn’t for Desteni and the Desteni I Process that started me on this Journey to life, for that I am eternally grateful, and I may see you again on this subject matter on day “666”, with a bit more detail into the phenomenon about “666”, but until then;

As I said before and now seeing more; Churches and Sanctuary’s around the world fear this number, as a cause for revival, keeping alive as in reviving the same teachings that’s been taught for centuries, to fear the acceptance of the Mark of the Beast ‘666’ in Revelations chapter 13, in hopes that the rapture will come soon and sweep me off my feet, because I don’ know how long I can hold up this act that I’m perpetuating, so Dear Jesus, can you hurry up and come save me from the mess we’ve made of this existence, to stop existing in my mind in chase after a conspiracy theorist most profound topic, as a superstition for those who’ll listen to this jargon and bargain with their life to not be afraid of the Dark and Abysmal Hell, created in one’s mind as the accumulation of these 3 numbers, means imminent danger or looming Death, stating in so many words; “Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid”, which in reality, if one have to be told to be Afraid of something, does the fear within it really exist, or is it just the image one gets when listening to the presentation of a ‘nut bag’?

Associated with the scariest night of the year, here in America, Halloween, the Hollowing of human being as who we’ve become in the costumes we wear, bringing out these Character to share our fear of death with one another, all starting at Six o clock in the evening, as soon as the sun goes down, “Boo”, you scared me (right out of my mind and back to reality) then laugh at the energy that was exerted, when flirting with horror, enough to hide the horrific images from being stuck in our minds when looking at the News, hoping that some day a happy News channel would be made, that only shows the good things happening to people, as the blinding mechanism to not see or face what we have created in this world with our Positivity.

Don’t share the secret (they say), that I see Six’s everywhere, meaning we built this city with Masonry blocks of crosses and line, to keep the common mind trapped within the square root of things, telling each other to think outside the box, without leaving your neighborhood and exploring the world that is you, because if you do, our secret would get out, that there’s nothing out there, but us all Here playing Mind games with one another, and that everybody that has passed on is still Here, and that’s why it’s called the Here After.

Structures and Building with symbols that resonate in my mind, designed with the intent to reach heaven and recreate the Babylonian’s Towel of Babel’s, togetherness, all speaking the same language, to defy God, for placing us here, without realizing ourselves to be the God in fact that has accepted our own self placement into demise, adjacent to what the truth really is, is partly the perpetuation of Six/Six/Six as the illusion of Grandeur, in the Grand scheme of things, but only as a side show.

A sideshow in fact without going into detail, blinding us from really seeing ourselves in and as everything around us, that’s being destroyed by the pounding reverberation of sound splashes and explosions, to ashes being bulldozed over covering up our fascist ways, while afraid of the Beast in fact, that came from the Darkness with FACTS, showing us the nature of our inherent wicked ways and how to correct it in these last days, before change is imminent, while everything is busy being compressed, inverted so that introverts like myself can see how we’ve created this catastrophe, then scream Blasphemy when our self-interest is not suited, to doing something about it.

Therefore Six/Six/Six is but a diluted version of the non-truth, that a fear of loss is everything, because I need something to hold onto outside of myself, to be scared straight into a debate about fear, which won’t make a lick of difference until one takes responsibility for oneself and what you hear, to see/realize/understand one’s own self-positioning placement and creation of this we call a society, which is more like a social epidemy full of individual epiphany’s instead of self-realizations that I AM RESPONSIBLE.

Thanks for reading.

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