Day 665: A Parable for Thanksgiving (You may not like)

Why is it that we’ve created a custom to say Thanks, when it should be a natural occurrence to give as you would like to receive, if only we could see behind the curtain of courtesy, the you and me that exist for ever, forever instead of once a year, to eat meat and wear warm sweaters that fuzzy our naval, during the splinter of winter in some parts of the world, while the rest starve in others and lie curled up on the side of the road, but that’s a story untold around this time of the year, without realizing that the praise and thanks given is out of fear, that your friends and family won’t ever have to feel their bellies touching their backs, in fact after eating the Turkey, let’s all take a nap and reflect on or dead relatives that didn’t get to see this day, but in fact did, as we put the dishes away, burping the name of those loved on out of our mouth, without a doubt thanking God for your kids and a couch, the two things that’ll do for you, that you don’t wanna to do for yourself, like support yourself, and clean up after yourself, I mean some of us are really grateful for that, with a grapefruit on our side and a computer on our lap, watching the conflict of the world, to experience a chuckling sensation, until our knees buckle then blame it on Satan, or the Devil made me do it, (who’s actually now more life than you), when the details comes from our mind, as the inherent nature of our preprogrammed design, I mean who cares if this rhyme, I’m just saying it like it is, and if you feel a certain way then do Self-Forgiveness, it’s the business of the Holidays, Thanksgiving to be specific, considering the day after’s black Friday, more evil than a witness that never saw Jehovah, but really believe in it, like giving thanks to all the toes that was stepped on for me to keep winning, I mean I’m finish, then next year right back at it again, it should be a sin to say thanks to the money that’s spent, that comes from the sweat off another man’s skin, but again, Who Cares.

Thanks for reading.

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