Day 663: We Know

But don’t want to see and face the question that is us, while asking why, claiming that we’re intuitive by nature, but don’t want to go into it, the it of ‘I Think’, then blink twice, storing into memory the mental picture of what we just saw ourselves do, and didn’t want to claim it, but when someone does the same to us, we’re the first to file a claim against them, under a law that suits our self-interest, becoming a snitch of sorts, that enjoy sowing discord amongst the brethren, but We Know this.

We Know that it takes two to tangle, but would still plead the fifth, when asked about our participation in the matter, then saying (In so many words), but what matters is that I got the blunt end of the stick, but swung the bat first, meaning, we’ve initiated the conflict, but didn’t know that I would be out at first, per se, that stemmed from a debate that wasn’t going my way, so I tried to pressure the issue, but got stuck between a Lie and the excuse there of, which created an oven like temperature in the air, that got too heated for me to own up to, but again We Know what we did.

We know and admit to stressing out without a doubt, but still chose to be lame and blame it on the next person that told us to go fuck ourselves, when looking for sympathy for putting ourselves in the same position time after time, as if stressing is fine and acceptable by the whole as something we have no control over and take medicine for, which is a joke to say the least, then listen to our mind say; “See, now don’t you feel better” and we soon agree, but end up stressing again next week, that wasn’t a solution at all, but We Know this.

We Know and hate the fact that fear really doesn’t exist, because we still chose to fall for the threats from others, and the loss of something or someone, as the idea of what if, that we allow our minds to play games with us with, in this game we call life, but not Life in fact and for real, but a simulated version of what reality really is, that stimulates our own energetic existence, I mean if Hasbro had a Patent on the mind we would all be broke, and too scared to think, you think, but We Know this and still chose to think that We don’t.

Interesting how when talking to someone and seeing myself within them, first comes the bafflement of the mind defined by powerlessness and into hopelessness and self-pity in search for sympathy, but when not given, innately one tend to start clawing one’s way out this self-induced mind possession, through continuous communication to the point of realization, that spawns a chuckle because one just figured it out for oneself, then say; “Man, I Know this”, and “What was I thinking”, which is the dawn of Self-Investigation (or as the oracle put in the Matrix; “Bingo”). Into seeing that We Really Know.

So, as I stood there blown away at what I just saw, as myself in the mirror of another, I couldn’t help but to chuckle with them, then stating, how I have done the same countless amounts of times to/with myself, then added (in so many words) that that’s why I’m now walking this process of Self-Investigation into Self-Correction, simply because We Know.

I mean, we have the duty and responsibility to be responsible for what We Know and think we know, but haven’t taken the time to invest in me the understanding of Self, but would rather stand at the gate of time saying Hell-o to our demise, which can easily be rectified by investigate yourself and for yourself HERE, because WE KNOW.

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