Day 660: Sentimental

On so many levels and emotional outburst of feeling, when feeling bad or sad about a situation we think we have no control over, lost in the statement of how did this happen, as a perpetuation of they, them and the other person created this mess, that struck a nerve in me, to the point of me walking around with a frown on my face and/or balling my eye out, because I didn’t know that such things could possibly hit home, land on my doorstep per se, which is actually an awareness that I too am responsible for what’s going on in the world, my world and reality, that I didn’t want to see for the longest time, that’s now sitting in the forefront of my mind, overwhelming me to the point crying, (in some cases).

And In others, sheltered from seeing the world for what it really is, and how we the people of humanity can really be towards one another, so seeing/experiencing this for the first time without the protection and/or watchful eye of a “caring” Parent, we soon come to grips with how cruel life as the human beings we attach ourselves to can be, and so become Sentimental when thinking, ‘Why wasn’t I informed/told/shown this growing up’, and so build a mild form of resentment toward those we looked up to/trusted and believed in, and when getting to the point of questioning them, they to become Sentimental as well, then say ’But I was just trying to protect you” and that when we realize where we got our Sentimentality from.

Within this, we become softies, touchy on subjects we’re not used to hearing about, things we haven’t seen done before, nor understood to a level of comprehension within stability, but silly me because I feel for you, as the gullibility of things begin to set in, used as a defense mechanism to not let things get under my skin, but accepting and believing the “Oh well” of things that are bound to happen, so why Not trust what they say, I am now open to suggestion, without realizing the advantage that is about to be taken on me, into becoming hopeless and powerless to do anything about it, until years down the line we finally realize that it’s all been a game that I’ve been playing with myself and have allowed other to play against me as well.

Too Sentimental to be exact, when falling for the give back of something that was avoided to you, that you came across. I mean what first comes up is the saying ‘You reap what you so’ or so a blessing just came to me but did see it as such, then have second thoughts within a charismatic experience about giving it back, because it couldn’t be, but could be somebody else’s, who’s not around, with the expectation of getting more in the long run for doing so, that’ll never come because we were too Sentimental to see that it was right there in front of our face, but tried to save face by giving it back, I mean everything is not a bad thing or as it seems, where Sentimentality doesn’t need to be the theme of everything we do, causing one to look over one’s shoulder when no one is around you.

When realizing that sentimentality is but a mental projection of the fear of loss, and the point of momentary giving up on yourself and that of a life situation that takes place mostly in relationship, one can’t help but to understand that that something that’s amiss is me disempowering myself, giving my power away to a thought and/or Idea that would cause a reaction within me, a movement of sort in my solar plexus, that arises up and comes out of my eyes as a watery sensation, that supposed to release the frustration of thinking that I’m not able to do anything about what I’m facing, but in fact can.

Where responsibility can be taken in the moment of occurrence to stop this watery current of emotion from plaguing us, by seeing the Key being ourselves, because when it boils down to it, one of the most profound forms of sentimentality is the seeking of attention, for someone to say ‘are you ok’, but to lose this is to stand in Expression of/as the word “Ok” when something comes up in your world, which would make the statement of; “Ok I Am” a living reality, which is only possible through investigating oneself through writing out one’s feelings and the experience of you in the moments we attach ourselves to that message sent from our Minds, telling us to cower away and/or Hide from facing ourselves, then forgiving yourself for all the point you just wrote about, to no longer accept and allow yourself to repeat these emotional outburst, by making statements of corrections and commitment to oneself, into living these statements as ourselves, which can be found in detail HERE for FREE if you dare.

Thanks for reading.


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