Day 658: Antagonism

The taunting, the nagging and Tag You’re It, as if it’s now your turn to react, through the initiation of me, the inherent expression of energy, passed back and forth towards one another, every time we get a wild hair up our ass about something we’re not allowing ourselves to see, so instead of pressing the issue into investigating what it is, interestingly enough we’d rather push the buttons of another, for them to see and experience how we feel, then sit back and watch how they handle it, to be used as a starting point for handling our own problem, instead of just asking for help.

Therefore, I’ll say ‘fuck’ you, because I don’t know how to stop fucking with myself, and if I do, it’s too much for me to see and do right now, because I’m stuck within a mind possession and would rather not ask for help, because I’ll be seen as a fuck up, (A Self-Judgement) when I was doing so well, like Wow, so thank you for being the sounding board of my shit or better yet the fit I just threw, because without you, I would go crazy. But really!

I mean have you ever look at it that way, as a perspective that I’m see within me and my world today, because every emotion I’ve ever had was but a momentary form of feeling, but the decision I made to tag someone else with it to make myself SEEM better, was short lived, being that only after we calm down from a derivative of energy, can we begin to see the mess we’ve just made, and in most cases relationship ties we’ve severed, severely damaging our reputation and trust from another, that others would see and maybe think it’s funny in the moment, but in the long run, Will chose to run away from you, because they saw just how spiteful we can be.

A tag of Lies is but a reaction out of spite, where because you’re not dealing with me no more, let fight, but do realize this, if you don’t stand for nothing, your laying down, is a sign of being walked on, and what you’ve created up to that point, will be there, then gone, so it behooves one to stand.

It’s funny how we love to invoke the Mommy and Daddy, syndrome, where it’s like “Ima Tell the World about You” to Antagonize you (via social media), for me feeling the way I do, when in actuality, I CHOOSE to walk away, from you and/or else, give my power away, to listening to what someone else was saying. It seems as if I’ve reverted back to being loyal to the mind telling me to taunt you, not realizing that this mind is, what makes you Spineless and in a ways not able to stand for what you once believe, I mean I’ve been there before and fine the fall Daunting, the Mind with its Nagging and constantly Haunting is Exhausting, at times I too become overwhelmed, but don’t use it as an excuse to tell the world how I feel, because what I realized is that NO one really gives a shit in fact, but those that really do, will be there when you come back.

Therefore, in bringing it back to self, and looking at it in reverse, I hereby redefine Antagonism to; A shaking and awakening of myself, when finding myself falling off the deep end, where the; “And-Tag-You’re-it-Is-Me, and always have been and must take responsibility for how I am experiencing me, in my world, this world and reality, by using the TOOLS provided by Desteni. It’s simple. Stop trying to Tag your way out of taking Self-Responsibility, because You’re it.

Thanks for Reading.


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