Day 657: Walk, This Way (Resurfaced)

This is a continuation/addon to Day 484: Walk This Way

To be seen at one’s best at all times, cause for a strut like none other, that would perpetuate the saying; “You want this”, to the selective few that you’ll never meet, but think someday I will, as the right girl or guy just passed you by, when you turned your head looking the other way at a potential suiter that could possibly carry on a strong conversation, if we let them, while missing the obvious chance to be right Here with just you and your two feet and what’s beneath the soles of your shoes, as yourself that has laid a path for you, to have the experience of a life time, but we squander it away every time we take a step outside to start our day, ‘but it’s ok because what’s in our minds we have defined as greater than the path we take, which is definitely up for a debate, but for now come with me, and Walk, This Way.

Which is not about an actual way to walk, but a way to live and a way to talk, defined by how we were taught to be, that’s actually uncomfortable to say the least, I mean for one, are we really at peace with struggling, day in and day out, as the acceptable way to live for the unprivileged, and the privileged Kids, mad at being forced to force people to give their last, but soon it’ll pass, as you get older and start rebelling against the rebels that created this society that we live in, unaware that we’re enslaved within the air we breathe, but enjoy walking this way with crooks and thieves.

Wondering if today might be my last walk of shame, ashamed of the things we think we can’t change, and remain lame to be, that society hadn’t done a damn thing for me, but would rather carry on with a pimp strut, cane and top hat on, whistling Dixie as if nothing in the world is wrong, but it’s me. I mean this is what I see in my world, that don’t care, where we’re all standing in the need of Prayer if it worked, lol, because hell, I’ve been there myself and was told to break a leg, that when you get in a bind it’s ok to beg, so I tap danced around the different points in my life, not once ever walking them through, but who knew that I would be at this point Here today, still learning how to stand and Walk this way, the correct way, to live everyday as if my last, that when based in religion scared the shit out of my ass, but all jokes aside I committed to wake up and to not ever under NO circumstances give up.

Interesting how I created and a different walk with every outfit I had, that didn’t do me any justice when the day was done and I came home and threw the clothes in the laundry basket, I mean a basket case I was, with no real love for the legs that carried me around, my-self in fact the disregard thereof, through the act of walking as if I was stuck up, my posture straight and stiff, wondering if anyone is looking at me, then peeking out the corner of my eye to see, I mean how many times have we done this on the daily, as if it was all about them instead of me.

But when one’s life starts to change so do one’s walk, because one is walking to live the principles of self-honesty, with the regard of oneself in every possible way, with the awareness of every word we say, to become King of your world and directing everything within it, in Oneness and Equality, away from how we have characterized and defined it, as the perpetuation of something to look at. Therefore;

I commit myself to redefining Wal-King to being the King of my world and everything in it, to directing myself and the things around me in Oneness Equality, while standing equal to and one with who Self as all is, that would then show as the expression of my walk, as I Walk, This Way.

Thanks for reading.


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