Day 655: A Synthetic Enjoyment Perspective

Very few walks in the park to fulfill one’s desire to be entertained is seen these days, the enjoyment of Nature is put on the Back Burner to enjoying movies with beaches in them, instead of walking on the beach and seeing yourself within it. Taking a moment to become intimate with the little ones that houses themselves around where we walk and place our feet as the realization of they too are me, is out of the question, because (for that), I just don’t have time for the little critters, but to be in my mind where I’ll never get bored is fine with me and enjoying, I mean I need something that I can see, that moves and can interact with, that can show me how to be in today’s society that’s my enjoyment, while silently accepting this self-degradation as my form of entertainment, Synthetic Entertainment to be exact.

Barron neighborhoods that’s still fully occupied, that used to reverb and echoed screams of playing children in the streets, has been taken over by the virtual world of video games and electronics with NO virtue in them, where the want for physical interaction outside the few that do, is null in void, unless it’s perpetuated in a competitive/abusive/self-compromising way. Fathers no longer play catch with their sons any more, but would rather catch 9 ending of a baseball game, it’s ashamed, the little time we have for things that’s substantial, that should be enjoyed as the changing factor of oneself, but instead resisted as too much work and/or too much thinking one have to do to make this happen.

The build up to you know what’s coming next, is always enjoyable, being based on an energetic feeling from the one we think completes us (without a connection) and/or what we can stand for only one night, that allows us to put a notch on our belt, after a one night stand (lying down) lol, is synthetic enjoyment at its finest, I mean if it makes us feel good, must mean we enjoy it, but really though, why are we then depressed in a way after this enjoyment is over, where even the long for more becomes superficial, being that we now need time to rejuvenate/replenish ourselves from the energy we’ve exerted, doing whatever it is that we enjoy, in which case, does the means justify the end we experience? I would think not, when it’s all in one’s mind as something to attain to, like Party and Bullshit, where the enjoyment is in getting ready, therein lies the excitement, but once we get there and realize things are not what we made them out to be in our minds, we become bummed out and chose alcohol and/or a synthetic drug to lift our spirits into achieving this synthetic enjoyment, while exploiting our morals the more we lose touch with reality, as the real internal travesty we experience, which is travelling through our mind into insanity, then waking up the next morning stating to oneself and friends, I enjoyed my-Self, we have to do it again, I mean Really?

Then again enjoyment as we have defined it is not really enjoyment, but an employment of ourselves to and energetic experience, a feeling, that we fill in with fillings, extra additives to forcefully achieve the desired outcome of being happy, while in turn depriving our physical bodies from what it really means to enjoy oneself, in which case a redefinition of the word is in order.

Therefore, I commit myself to redefining enjoyment to that of; being the experience of me regarding my human physical body in every way possible, when at home, work or play – that it should be a joy getting to my utmost potential, by the means provided, as the tools of change, and to live this enjoyment as the process I’m walking to achieve this change in me, that I would like to see in this world and reality.

Thanks for reading.


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