Day 654: A Different Direction

Using the mind as our navigation, into the fog we go, to the point of no return, in awe of this elaborate Labyrinth, that amazes us at every turn, thinking I came up with this shit first, and so must be directing me in my world and others that follow me on social media, as we’re all looking for a point of direction as a reflection of me outside of ourselves, instead of seeing directly within me the maze I’m in, claiming that it’s a sin to do this and that, when in fact I do the same things uncontrollably, with no realization of what’s controlling me, perpetuating Dire Acts to attract those who I can direct, under the guise that I’m giving them respect, as long as they follow my rules and what I believe, while remaining unable to see that I’m NOT Directing me. Let’s begin;

When coming to a fork in the road, why is it that we tend to veer off into another direction, (like drifting off in our minds) as an opinionated illusion of grandeur, which is in fact curiosity and not Self directing Self, but sidetracked with the acceptance of a choice that we think is free, while hanging on by the skin of our teeth, I mean who is really directing me if I have to suffer and this is where the blame of another comes in, when all we had to do was to continue moving in a forward direction and direct through correction the faces we’ve made of ourselves, that we’re not willing, but able to face, if we wouldn’t have veered off into suppression and subjugated ourselves into being infected by the direction of our Minds, where in this day and time it should be a crime to think cognitively, because it hasn’t solved any of the problems I now see and face within me.

I mean why fascinate about moving East or West, when the center of the universe is within you, the Self that we are, missed and overlooked, veiled and blinded by the route we took, to get to where we are now, which is nowhere real fast, but would pass up the opportunity of Self-Direction to live in the past, thinking that’s all I know and comfortable with, but only when shit hits the fan is when we’re ready to listen, have a look throughout history, how many times have it been too late, placing our direction in karma and fate, but it’s not our fate to always wait, we do have it within us to self-create ourselves, to Direct ourselves which starts with the redefinition of the word Direction in itself. Therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have lived in a state of denial for so long that I was directing myself, unaware that the direction I was taking would take me down a road of isolation, isolating me away from seeing the capability I have of being the best possible me that I can be, giving way to the mind that I have willingly defined as the director of my world and reality, playing out characteristic scenes that’s’ unseen while being alone, that I would perpetuate onto towards others in public, that’s was really not my own, and/.or who I really am.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined Direction as ‘the following of’, in relations to what came up in my mind as Ego and my self-interest, that would keep me interested in a material world, living a material life in separation from all life that is me, in fact neglecting the me in all, unable to see through the fog of energy I chased after, veering down the path most travelled, into suppression and aggression, straight into being depressed, because I was suffering me the heartache of not being in control of myself.

And so as a correction, I commit myself to Redefining Direction to that of being; The Action taken when one realize that something in one’s world is amiss, where one No Longer miss the obvious as a missed opportunity to stand, but to stand for something and take responsibility for how I currently experience myself in my world and reality and apply corrections when needed, that way I am assured that what comes out of my mouth as assistance to others (when place in such a position) is but a realization of how I have Directed myself and so lived Self-Directed.

Thanks for reading.

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