Day 653: A Promising Perspective

In the moment of desperation is when we make Promises that’s short lived, a L-I-E in essence while Living-In-Energy, under the premise that someday, I will follow through with this Promise, but right now, it’s all about me and what’s going on in my world as Jurisdiction with you in it to help me out, while falling for a spiteful request from the other, as collateral that would insure that this Promise comes into fruition, because without it, the answer would be, NO.

What makes sense in the moment, is promoted by a beg and a plea, such as; “I Promise that I won’t do that anymore” and/or “I Promise to be faithful and Loving for the rest of my days”, with our fingers crossed behind our backs, and in our minds hoping that the other won’t do the same, as the ginks before the downfall in any of our relationships, but how did it get to this point in the first place, with a deal sealed in emotions and the fear of loss of a feeling received from the other, making one say; “I Promise, with a Please that’s soon to follow, following one’s mind in a repetitive cycle of who got the power now, because when I get it, I’ll do the same to you, but for now I Promise.

A Promise (for most) is in fact a compromise without the CO, the Commanding Officer, which we’ve elected to be our Mind, then forgot that we did so, giving it the power to make decisions and Sow our seeds of Self per se (As any Potential we would have) into the Rotten fruit that we are, have become, by falling for the Promise of free choice, while unable to voice how we really feel about one another, but I Promise you me, I’m for real.

It all starts when you’re little and the promise to be good, to get what you want, your way, my way and the way of the world, as a reward of interest, sweets for most, and for some most of the times, when it gets to that, we’re greeted with a resounding “Nope, next time you’ll listen to me”, that’s a prelude to “But I Promise though” that we’ve picked up from our parents, learning to be the same and do the same towards others in our world, while frustratingly accepting and allowing the same to be done unto us.

But what is it that has us to perpetuate this inferiority towards others in the moment of our wants/needs and desires, without wanting to go out and get the need that we need and desire for our self? I mean I see it as a point of “Too late” and “Easy”, where in some case (as was mine), we wait until it’s too late to handle our responsibilities, then Promise when wanting to take the easy route out, and unless you learn from your mistakes, you’ll find yourself repeating the same self-compromise, as this Promise, over and over and over again, that is until you’ve exhausted all your resources and options, then go looking for a new victim to Promise to, and/or or ask to Promise that they’ll follow through.

In all, our word has become trustless, through the visualization of seeing other not following through with promises made, that’s promoted in Movies and the Media, in our society, creating a normality out of broken Promises, where now we defend against the idea/assumption that everyone we meet is out to get us, trusting no one, because of this engrained fear, therefore we ourselves have become used to say I Promise to others, because it’s the way of the world, as we would excuse it to be, but doesn’t have to be, that’s easier said than done at this point, but not really, because the Correction is now out there to the public, and all we have to do is to step into it, apply and live. So, Follow the above link to start your own process of self-correction for yourself, to bring the trust back within the words you speak, that when collectively all walking together would bring trust back into this world.

Thanks for reading.


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