Day 651: Analyze (A Different Perspective)

As an incomplete scan in the mind of how we perceive things/people in our world and reality, coming up with words as definitions to how we define what we see, with the reflectors we call our eye, but in fact only seeing the elaborate presentation of the mind, that house a glimpse of the truth of what’s in front of us, a partiality in fact as the cataract that dims/vails our vision from seeing the real truth of what we’re looking at, therefore as I Analyze, is the saying; And-I-Lie.

Believing in our own opinion that’s not really our own, but own and or paid for by the neglect of ourselves, allowing our flesh to be Mined when reacting in any way to the assumptions of what we see, thinking that we’re seeing and understanding what it is with clarity, then end up walking away, if the picture of the person/thing is not aligned to the definition we’ve created in our minds thereof, therefore the lie we’ve came up with becomes a reality and stored as the defining factor to how we’ll interact or not with this someone or something.

The scripts of how we each are in groups of horoscopic type, have been gathered as knowledge and information that we follow religiously to learn who we are, which in fact is an excerpt into our preprogramming that we use to Analyze one another, stating you know me so well, especially in relationship building, “I mean we should hang out sometime”, which didn’t take long to Analyze at all, because all one did was read the horoscopes and asked ‘what’s your sign’, I mean this has become a typical conversation piece in trying to figure out each other, instead of the time that’s needed, spent together in order to do so.

The complexity of a reaction, causes one to spiteful say without speaking; “Now Analyze that” after an altercation, where one’s Analyzation was not received well, but taken personally, that transformed into being verbally abusive toward one another, where the statement comes up of; “You think you know everything” and/or “You don’t know me” and at times escalating into a momentary worst case scenario of physical abuse, all because we believed the Idea of a thought towards the person in question to materialize, which is most if not all the time all lies about who we think they are, but not, as the gossip of and about them ensues

Which is cause for bringing it back to self, inverting and redefining Analyze to that of a non-partial nor judgmental self-introspection into investigation, to see and correct all the lies I’ve perpetuated as self onto myself and towards others, that would create the ‘And’ as an interim, and before ‘I-Live-Life’, Therefore I Analyze the Data that is Me.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Day 651: Analyze (A Different Perspective)

  1. mijn reis naar leven says:

    For a long time I did define myself as a ‘typical Sagittarius’. Thinking that that is who I am. Using horoscopes to see if I match with people and if so or not, I use it as an indication if I would connect with them or not. So the connection or separation already exists in my head instead of getting to know them and see them for who they are.

    Thanks for sharing.


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