Day 650: “Our Thoughts and Prayers Go Out to…”

A touchy subject this is, being sympathetic for having sympathy, (when the simple things in life should be corrected, like self-hate) for those who lost their lives, is a symphony of emotions that screams empathy, I mean looking into me, I see the partiality that separates our mental reality from what reality really is, and we wonder what goes on in the mind of a Killer, that We are (I hate myself), that’s perpetuated through murderous thoughts we use to delete pieces of ourselves into oblivion, but what about us, when saying our thoughts and prayers goes out to you, that has bounced out of your mouths and into the ears of the believer and went nowhere, as we take a moment of silence…, with heads bowed, looking through our eyelids at the ground, pleading to God that it never happens to me, then wake up from this standing sleep, clapping with a serious look on our faces like yeah, I just sorted that out, as the commentator then say “Play Ball” and that’s it, I mean where is the responsibility in that, not to say that you should be stone cold or anything, but when has a thought and/or prayer, stopped any act of violence, but perpetuated this abuse in the name of the Higher power we’ve prayed too?

Shirts that says; “Shit Happens” is the calling card for the disregard we have for one another, claiming how insane people must be to commit such atrocities, but let’s send Positive thought their way, while Praying to God to wipe out all the sinners from the Earth, thinking that Jesus is going to come back and give all the bums money and kill the rich people, a Devolution in fact, attacking all those who don’t agree with your ideology, but become baffled when the thought you just sent out comes alive and perpetuated throughout the world, but “Shit Happens”.

Let’s come together, as together we stand, (but with no forward movement/Progress) and divided we fall, because we’re all standing on a tight rope with tight lip, that nobody wants to talk about and or have a discussion of substance about, because the motto is; Loose Lips, Sink Ships, without realizing that we’ve been at the bottom of the totem pole for quite some time now, as a tadpole in relations to what life really is and have to offer, how we should live and be all you can be, I mean does it always take a tragedy to bring those few like Minded individuals together, coming together recognizing the problem, but leaving with the same Blame, that the system is broken, with no realization that we’ve created this system from the Systems we are, Preprogrammed Automated Organic Robots, that would rather take pictures and Videos to get the word out, instead of really coming together to talk it out, without the fear of saying the wrong thing, that would lift the veil from over the False Flag Operations that has been taking place, in places around the world for as long as we can remember, but not see, furthering the agenda for the few, while we’re left cowering together in fear as slaves, sending our Thoughts and Prayers out into the Air Waves, to No Avail.

But by all means, if you Pray then Pray, but when you get done Praying, investigate why things are still happening the same way. Let’s really take responsibility for what we allow in our world, starting with ourselves.

Thanks for reading.


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