Day 649: The Balancing Act

School, work, survival, money, relationships, paying for this, paying for that, families with Kids (for some), church (for most), where we play as if we got the holy ghost, a hard Act to follow, in the short time we have to live, claiming that I’m on a tight schedule, walking a tight rope that’s loosely fit just enough for me to hang man myself with, if I lose my balance, in the sense of things falling apart in my world, is it wrong to do what you must in order to survive, if all that you know is what you’ve been doing for quite some time, I mean it’s easy to say to someone, change what you’re doing, but not that easy to walk the change with that someone, especially when it’s a world of difference, between what you’re doing and what they do, making the Balancing Act that much different for each individual.

Imagine if you will for a moment, oneself standing on one leg with your arms out to the side, looking up to the sky, having to hold this position for a period of time throughout your life, as the space between work and play, vacations and holiday, My Process and the things going on in my Life as a consequential test factor to my resolve, while dealing with your own mind in the midst of it all, where a fall is eminent, if one’s balance is not maintained, I mean how have we become so used to our self-placed hardships, instead of correcting our stance, and even within the correction at times, it’s hard to stand, but failing is not an option, because the world/humanity and this existence is depending each one of us (We Are) to do our part to correct and change this trap we’ve set for ourselves, called the delusion of infinity.

In the Circus one has to be without a mind of thoughts to perform the death defying stunts they do, total concentration and focus is needed to maintain the balance in between life and death, which brings up the question of; How are we (as a whole) able to maintain an attentiveness to life, from the moment we’re born, until we die/cross over to being back Here again, as we are all Here and should make the best of it, which would make the Balance of things More than just an Act.

In fact, it is possible, and takes the redefinition of the word Balance from how we have defined/perpetuated and lived this word, in layman’s terms as; an even distribution of weight enabling someone or something to remain upright and stable, which should be, an even distribution of Goods and Services (Money, Food, Clothing with Shelter) spread Equally throughout Humanity as a whole, enabling all to remain upright and stable, but instead we’ve sat on this idea for generations on end, which changed real Balance into Weight.

But wait, ‘I’m holding myself together though, look at all the money I got (the holy ghost in fact), people depend on me, for many thing and I’m satisfied with that’, but what is the stimulation of satisfaction that pleases you but a form of modern day slavery, due to the attention you’re receiving, with the ability to spitefully say No when someone don’t follow your preprogrammed design, based in self-interest, when all one has to do, in perpetuating real Balance, is to assist those others to stand on their own two feet, by showing them how to achieve what you have, I mean it’s evident that this form of Balancing Act is due to our Separatist, Egotistical way of thinking and being, controlled by our minds, that can easily be eradicated by, taking responsibility for the personalities in characters we have come to define as us, through the things we see and go through, (by Choice), into loving the hell we’ve created and now live in. So, but what the hell are we waiting for, if (Hypothetically Speaking), hell done already froze over a countless amount of times?

Responsibility can be taken HERE, that would change our inherent Balancing Act into a real Balance in fact, standing side by side with all as life, as you, as me, as everything we see, doing what is best for all, in all ways, not more placating congregation, into placing money in your pocket, but presenting a message at no charge, without energy charges attached to it, but common sensical speaking to the common man that’s seeking the truth, and not the watered-down version.

I mean which version of self, has to come to the forefront in order to make real Balance a reality for all, do one have to lose oneself and/or everything one has to realize, (Without Acting) the real Balance needed in order for us, Humanity as a whole to go on living and not surviving? To live is to expand/grow and develop oneself into one’s utmost potential, to survive is to walk the tight rope of life, as we know it, acting as if we’re balanced, but in fact hanging on by a thread, it’s always Easier to make the choice before the choice is forced upon us, wouldn’t you agree? Stand for Life on your own two feet on solid ground, where the stability of Balance is real and not up or out there somewhere in your mind walking a tight rope thinking that you’re fine. This I am currently in the process of walking to create and maintain a healthy Balance of things within my life, so why not you?

Thanks for reading.

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