Day 647: The Desteni of Living – Declaration of Principles (11)

In this Series, I will be having a looking at the Desteni of Living Declaration of Principles, at how I was as a person in relation to them, what do they mean to me, how I see them now, any corrections needed and how I will implement them into my life and live them to the best of my ability and beyond, that would assist me into changing my Human Nature, from being Self-Centered to becoming Equal to and one with who Self is, showing and doing, walking and living these Principles into doing that which is best for all Life, in all ways, always.

The Principle of Visibly Living the Principles – Actively living the proof of what can be accomplished when individuals live their potential by ensuring that these principles come through in all that I do, in all areas of my life, so that the example I set for others always stands for What is Best for All.

From taking responsibility to trusting in myself, to correcting my relationships and giving as I would like to receive, without being self-aware that I am Here and I am me, and I created this me to be who I have become as the irresponsible one, dictating while being controlled by my overly possessiveness, due to the extreme fear of loss that I existed as, was not possible, simply because, I believed what was going on inside of me was real, and this that I see Here that’s solidified in front of me was the illusion, which was actually the delusion I lived within and still now, most in humanity, when all one have to do is to investigate more into the first profound realization that one has on any level, that would make way for one’s awareness to come through even more, to start seeing oneself within everything around you, that is you, into embracing oneself for what one has accepted and allowed in one’s world, then realizing that one is responsible for everything that exist, which may seem as a lot, but isn’t when the correction is done within oneself, as we were placed Here to maintain this Earth/Planet and existence as a whole, but have slowly fallen to the waste side of things, wasting life after life, after life, in chase after an energetic experiences, which in fact is made up of constructs of the Mind, that was designed to keep us busy with bullshit while our physical was being Mined for the energy we so chased after, but now we in this day and age are actually blessed in a way to have the opportunity to come across Principles that can be lived by each one of us, presented by Desteni, that I’ve been writing about in the short Blog Series, that has assisted me to live the change visibly that I want to see in this world, and not just spew lip service and/or waiting to die for someone to come and save me, (because it’ll NEVER happen) the only never that is forever. Encompassed within all of this, when lived and taken responsibility for, is the Act of doing “What is Best for All”, with include You, Me and All Life, so I am/have been and still is in the process of enacting these Principles in my Life in the becoming of living proof of what can be accomplished when living my potential, by ensuring that these principles (that I have been writing about, and now living) come through in all that I do, in all areas of my life, so that the example I set for others always stands for what is best for all, so why not You.

Thanks for reading.


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