Day 644: The Desteni of Living – Declaration of Principles (8)

In this Series, I will be having a looking at the Desteni of Living Declaration of Principles, at how I was as a person in relation to them, what do they mean to me, how I see them now, any corrections needed and how I will implement them into my life and live them to the best of my ability and beyond, that would assist me into changing my Human Nature, from being Self-Centered to becoming Equal to and one with who Self is, showing and doing, walking and living these Principles into doing that which is best for all Life, in all ways, always.

The Principle Self-Trust – No matter what hardships, failures, and mistakes I may face, I always come back to myself and the principles that I stand as. I will not give up or allow myself to blame others for the circumstances of my life or how I choose to live it. I take absolute self-responsibility.

It’s interesting how we say trust and believe that Ima do this, that and the other, if and/or about a pending situation, to someone, then build up in our minds that we are really going to do the damn thing, but when the moment presents itself, we get cold feet (per se) and as the fear of actuality sets in, we become silent and/or embarrassed-aggressive, depending on the response we get from another person, throwing back in our face; “But I thought you said”, with a smirk on their face and that’s when all the excuses in the world comes out from within us, because we we’re simply too scared to trust in our Self.

The point of remaining grounded, no matter what hardships, failures and mistakes I may make is timely, as I am currently walking this point in my life, facing a few hardships because of a few mistakes I’ve made, and even if directed by someone else, my positioning placement, is but merely my fault as well, in all self-honesty, thus I must take responsibility for it, being that I know better and have the Tools of correction needed to correct myself, giving up, nor giving in, nor blaming another for the trust I put in them is not an option.

Which brings up my next point of; the trust we put in others, without first trusting ourselves, I mean come and save me, help me through this hardship, and when the other is not in a position to, we compromise the relationship we have with them, by saying fuck you then, all the while, knowing that the solution is within us, but chose to remain blinded by the Idea of the easy way out, sort of like forgoing the Starbucks coffee line and placing a mobile order.

If you were to tell someone to trust yourself/trust in yourself the first thing that would come up is a feeling and then they would say, I am/do trust myself that I’m going to do what I want/going to do, which is but a mind excerpt, and far from what Self-Trust really is, as I have experienced myself being this way, believing that my Self-Trust was defined by a first notion, then move into motion towards enacting/playing out what was presented by my mind, and interestingly enough, once hardships fell upon me, I would cower away and give up, until the next spurt of energy would come within and as me, as something else to do and chase after later.

Blindly following a preprogrammed design, that defined my usage of the word trust, has always been directed, in a direction away from myself and not towards/to/as my-Self, Me, really trusting in myself that I would get through whatever it was that I was facing, while standing firm as who I am in between time, which is the most important part, because we quickly Apt to say; “Everything is going to be alright” to one another, and or “You’ll get through it”, but in the midst of, stressing the fuck out, which is without a doubt not Self-Trust, but Self-Stress/Anguish then Pain, and all that remain is a head ache for thinking too much and an extended period of hardship. Therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have experienced anguish, a head ache and pain in the midst of a hardship, where I then became hard on myself through judgement and frustration, instead of seeing, my self-positioning/placement in the matter with clarity to be able to stand through it all, trusting my self-resolve in and of the matter, as I in more ways than one did this to myself.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to, live the principle of Self-Trust unequivocally as, no matter what hardship, failures and mistakes I may make, to always come back to myself and the principles that I stand as – that I will not give up or allow myself to blame others for the circumstances of my life or how I choose to live it, and to take absolute self-responsibility, but instead, have melted in a way giving way to my mind, that would disperse pieces of myself all over the place so to speak, during any emotional breakdowns I would have, when all I had to do was Trust my-Self…

And so on and so forth to move forward into correcting oneself for our lack of Self-Trust, so in essence we have to stop placing our trust in others, because of how easy it is to blame them when things go wrong with us, in our lives, and live Self-Trust as the Assuredness that I see my own fault in the matter, understand how I’ve placed myself in the position I’m in, and to remain stable while walking through and into the point of correct, to find that connect with and as my Human Physical Body and so is how I am, and will continue to Live Self-Trust.

Thanks for reading.


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