Day 643: The Desteni of Living – Declaration of Principles (7)

In this Series, I will be having a looking at the Desteni of Living Declaration of Principles, at how I was as a person in relation to them, what do they mean to me, how I see them now, any corrections needed and how I will implement them into my life and live them to the best of my ability and beyond, that would assist me into changing my Human Nature, from being Self-Centered to becoming Equal to and one with who Self is, showing and doing, walking and living these Principles into doing that which is best for all Life, in all ways, always.

The Principle of Give as You Would Like to Recieve – Considering the context and the lives of each individual being. Considering, regarding, and supporting them in the way that I would have liked to be considered, regarded, and supported had I been in their place and lived their life, where the support that I give does not compromise myself or cause harm to anyone.

Whenever I’ve had anything perishable throughout my life, that someone would ask for, maybe need, I wouldn’t have any quorums giving it to them, for most part, I believed if someone needed something they should have it (support as well), especially in relations to a person’s well-being, survival, food, shelter, etc. but even more so, the advice I would give when asked, wouldn’t always be to appease there self-interest, I always for most part had an neutral point of view, where if it was a relationship problem per se, I wouldn’t tell them to just leave their partner and/or, agree with whatever they said, I’ve always kept a “it takes two to tango” stand point of view, simply because I would want the same done for me, just the same as, withholding information from someone, I’ve come to dislike this, throughout my life, since I was young and was told in many ways, that the protection of a child is to withhold information from them, which can be/Is in most cases, that much further away from the truth, being that in the end, once the child or person in general learns that you withheld vital information from them, that could have been used to possibly change their point of view on things and so their Life in a few instances, if told or show what they were so-called protected from, they might not take it too well. And in some cases, it may be the other way around.

I mean in this case are we really take into regard/consideration, what may be best for an individual, or for our own self-interested assumptions, thinking to ourselves, that they don’t want to hear or know this, because if it was me, I wouldn’t want to hear or know what I’m not telling them, but who are we to tell, meaning we say that when the information is about someone else, but when the information is about us, that no one is telling us, we scream blood murder.

Interesting how I’ve experienced this on a major scale throughout my adult life, now knowing that not every person you know will do what you would do without question, give as you would to them, (in regards to vital information) but all else said and because they don’t share this information about you to you, do we react to this and stop sharing with them as well, I mean it’s a hard but fine line, between staying who you are as giver and/or becoming spitefully assumptive as they are, some might say ‘Well it’s within my Nature’ which is the case, but we as a collective don’t have to accept this as who we are.

Give as you would like to receive, there is no one that’s exempt from going to someone for something, but selective as you will, and would perpetuate as if you don’t need anything, in front of those you’re not willing to give freely to as you would like to receive, makes life a thing of cost, not a demand to be lived, and would on the other hand demand respect without first giving it.

It’s fairly rather easy to give, but rarely done, because we tell ourselves that we don’t want to be left holding the bag per se, thinking and sometime knowing that it may not come back – that we won’t receive in some form or another what we gave, which puts our giving in vain. Thing is giving should be done unconditional, with no expectations and by all mean, if you really don’t have it to give, don’t compromise yourself by giving what you don’t have, as I still have this point coming up within and as me at times, but immediately correct it, as this aspect of myself is a work in progress, but I do give as I would like to receive, so;

Thanks for reading.


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