Day 641: The Desteni of Living – Declaration of Principles (5) which is the 4th Principle’

In this Series, I will be having a looking at the Desteni of Living Declaration of Principles, at how I was as a person in relation to them, what do they mean to me, how I see them now, any corrections needed and how I will implement them into my life and live them to the best of my ability and beyond, that would assist me into changing my Human Nature, from being Self-Centered to becoming Equal to and one with who Self is, showing and doing, walking and living these Principles into doing that which is best for all Life, in all ways, always.

The Principle of Investigate All Things and Keep What Is Good – I unconditionally investigate, consider, and introspect all aspects, expressions, perspectives, and avenues of life and assess what can practically be applied within the Principle of What is Best for All.

I’ve followed a design that was laid out for me to step into and live out, being that of coming to a family, grounded in a religious belief system, where the investigation was into the Bible we dive, and any other books that would validate what the bible would say and that’s it, it was never any mention, actually there was a subtle mention of investigating all thing, but in the religious context of things, it was to look at them and debunk it, without taking any practical common sense from what one would find, and just because if things of common sensical reasoning were in what was investigated or looked at, depending on who it was coming from/said by, determined whether or not we would follow and or agree, if it was someone our church deemed worldly/not of God that stated a common sensical fact, the persons Character would come into play/question and any and everything they said/would say would be taken with a grain of salt, and repudiated, claiming that this person is in denial of their past, so anything they say shouldn’t be believed, which is partiality at its max and not conducive to and in any point of investigation.

Interesting how, when one realize to investigate all things and keep that which is good, the first things that comes up is self-interest, through self-manipulation, meaning we take thing from our investigation that’s only good for us in the moment and not what’s good/best for all and so initially hard to dictate between the two, stating what’s good for me may not be good for you, remaining as an opinionated self in accepting what I can get from it, based in feel good energy, I mean I got to survive here, no one is going to do anything for me, which is in fact, fact, simply because we haven’t taken others into consideration, as to what’s good for them as well, at any time, I mean ‘give as you would like to receive’, ‘do unto others as you would like to be done unto’, what happened to these Principles that Jesus stated plenty of times, which is not investigated thoroughly, but taken for granted and change, by the very Christians that supposedly follow Jesus to the core.

You really can’t denounce something that hasn’t been thoroughly investigated, just because it seems to be/maybe different than what you’re used to and the rest of society for that matter, and even though the masses at this stage have the monopoly on things, doesn’t mean that what you find is best for all of them, although accepted by most as the status quo. Investigations these days have become about superficial things and other people, meaning I’m going to look at this person online on dating sites to see if they’re good enough for me, then make our decision based on the way their page look and not on who they really are as a person’, and when all else fails we dump them and back to the drawing board, on Facebook as the saving grace of Humanity, (so to speak).

Investing one’s time and energy into finding solutions that would be best for all to the problems we’ve created and now face, should be on all that’s breathing agenda, and a norm for all of humanity to live by/as, but is not taken into consideration that it starts with oneself, by investigating how I can be the best possible me that I can be, internally and in my world and reality, then externally in this world and reality, and doing what is best for all.

So here I stand (while sitting) no longer in a state of mind to debunk that from which I came, in this case religion, where I’ve talked about religion a lot in my blogs, but more as a realization in hindsight of what I’ve been through and now see the obvious that’s been right in front of me this whole time, and how I live to correct myself for what I missed and through investigating all things and keeping that which is good, I’m able to assess the parts in which I perpetuate that is best for all.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to unconditionally investigate, consider and introspect all aspects, expressions, perspectives and avenues of life and assess what can practically be applied within the Principle of what is best for all, but instead, out of self-interest, picked and choose things through my investigations, that was only good for me, without realizing the me in all and taking into consideration the mess that I help create in this world and reality, that I’ve brought with me into my own world and reality, that has limited me from reaching my utmost potential and living the good that is best for all.

I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to investigate me thoroughly enough to realize that my investigations were all superficial based on what made me feel good in any given moment of investigating things.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to no use practical common sense when investigating things to assess what’s really best for all and/or just the few of us, that would, have delineated whether or not I did a thorough enough investigation., therefore, I commit myself to continue to investigate all things and keeping that which is good, with a starting point of that which is best for all.

Thanks for reading.

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