Day 639: The Desteni of Living – Declaration of Principles (3)

In this Series, I will be having a looking at the Desteni of Living Declaration of Principles, at how I was as a person in relation to them, what do they mean to me, how I see them now, any corrections needed and how I will implement them into my life and live them to the best of my ability and beyond, that would assist me into changing my Human Nature, from being Self-Centered to becoming Equal to and one with who Self is, showing and doing, walking and living these Principles into doing that which is best for all Life, in all ways, always.

The Principle of Self-Perfection Through Self-Creation – Self-Perfection is the process of reflecting on and investigating myself through writing, releasing myself from the past through Self-Forgiveness, and changing myself through Self-Application and living change. These tools allow me to develop a deep intimacy with myself, enabling me to see the workings of who I am, how I came to be this way, and how to create myself into the best possible expression of myself that I can be.

First off, when it comes to the words, ‘Self-Perfection’, I’ve used them in reverse where, throughout my life I’ve searched for, seek to be the Perfect Self, (as I saw it) thinking that this perfect self, consisted of, the perfect body, and way of being, with money in my pocket, which was entirely my mental perception of ‘Self-Perfection’, that I made extremely superficial, being that of a system design and Ego driven, and the way I would achieve this, never had anything to do with Self-Correction, I mean correcting myself/oneself (to me) was to be/get in shape, stay in shape, that would make my pictured perfect presentation a force to be reckoned with, without realizing the wrecking that I was doing to me, and in my life, all in the name of wanting to have/gain status, to be perfect, look perfect, get respect and have control (in a way) over the perceptions of others, in essence wanting to be the center of Attention, instead of Centering, Silencing and Grounding myself enough to realize that I needed to Attend to me, but instead would do things outside of myself, such as, working out, watching people and reading shit, defining who I am base on knowledge and information, without a clue on how to stand in Formation with who self really is, that calls for Investigating how I created me, I mean this way of looking at/perpetuating thing was a cocktail for disaster, as I would Bastardize myself away from Self, thinking that I was doing me some good.

Then you have the words ‘Through Self-Creation’, which at that time wasn’t in my vocabulary, simply unheard of for any human being to Create themselves, I mean I was taught to believe, that was Gods job, which in hindsight I see as a complete abdication of self-responsibility, where we are responsible, for who we have created ourselves to be, and how we’ve created ourselves to be, and that in which we believe ourselves to be, which is not who we really are, but a figment of our preprogrammed design, that’s copied from the Inherent Nature of our Beingness, which is Spitefulness, that I now see can be changed, when effectively using the Principle of ‘Self-Perfection Through Self-Creation’.

Being that I’ve been walking my process now for a few year, I can now attest to this process of reflecting on and investigating myself through writing, I mean I’ve always hated just about anything having to do with writing, that is until, I started to and learned how to write about myself/write myself out, HERE, outside of any Self-Praise given and/or Egotistical jargon, I’ve learned that it is possible to release myself from the past through Self-Forgiveness, that has nothing to do with asking any entity outside of myself to forgive me Please, I’ve learned that I can change myself through Self-Application, as to when and as I see myself making a same mistake of my past, I will Not accept and allow myself to continue to do this, but instead, I stop and breathe that would first stop my participation within this mistake, have a look at it in its totality, correct oneself, and do the opposite (walk the other way) and living change.

Thanks for reading.

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