Day 635: “Nine” (9)

In this short series of blogs, I will be having a look at how I have used, thought of, and viewed “Numbers”, my perception of them, the Self-Forgiveness and Redefinition thereof if needed, as just words starting from the number “One (1)” through “Ten (10)”, and how the accumulative factor of these numbers, is more than just separate entities, but a massing together into the Oneness and Equality that has always been Here for us to do, but never did, So;

1+8/2+7/3+6/4+5/3×3 and of course the 1+1+1 equation, comprises the number “9”, but I would like to look a bit deeper into how we have defined, view and see this number, into correcting my stance towards it. Most of the numbers I’ve seen thus far all have this under tone of spirituality and religion connect to it and I’m sure the number “9” is no different, and also mathematical equations that is the makeup of most all the things we have created in this reality and have defined as our calling cards of creation (so to speak), unaware of the consequences we would and Now face for the creations we’ve made using our self-created mathematical equations, courtesy of our Minds.

Fascinating how in numerology the number “9” is a melting pot for mixed emotions/characters/titles and label anywhere from signifying Universal Love to learning to say ‘No’, creative abilities, to mysticism and every other thing in between, such as high Ideals, popularity to sensitivity, thing is, we should all be adaptable to living these word as an unconditional expression of who we really are, and not just because we have a number”9” on a chart that says so.

Then you have the number “9” being used 49 times in the Bible, symbolizing divine completeness or conveying the meaning of finality, being that Christ died on the “9th” hour of the day at 3pm, that plays into the whole making the way of salvation open to everyone thing, and also representing the “9” fruits of God holy spirit, which are Faithfulness, Gentleness, Goodness, Joy, Kindness, ‘Long suffering’, Love, Peace and Self-control, which is interesting when put into perspective.

Thing is we have accepted within our preprogrammed reality the idea of having to ‘Suffer Long’, for a long time, our entire lives to be exact, while having to be Joyful and Peaceful and Faithful to the cause, while showing this Love and Kindness to others, without realizing ourselves to be controlled by the Mind we believe is who we are that is not ourselves, in order to be in the grace of God to be able to go to this place we call Heaven, that everyone wants to attain to, but NO one wants to have to die to get there.

Interesting enough when one is told that there is a process that’s going on, that would bring Heaven to earth and that we are the key to it, no one wants to hear it, let alone do the work need within each individual self to make this happen, but would rather spend another “9” lives asleep at the wheel, while driving ourselves and this world/earth/planet right into the ground, from which the Physical/Life was created, taking the life we have, back into a form of ashes and dust, that’s stated along Clearly with the nursery rhyme; ‘Ashes, Ashes, We all fall Down”, during the Ring we’re making around the Rosy or Rosary, in any way you want to put it, meaning that we’ve been going around in circle, repeating the same shit over and over again, more than “Nine” times even, to the point of teaching our Kids to make a circle and hold hand, then spin around until you get dizzy and fall down, and that’s how life is and yours will be defined in this world and/or religious belief systems we participate in, I mean is “9” the number of brain cells we have or can we wake up and see that something has to give, and that something is us? And that’s all I got to say about that.

But with “9” as the accumulation of 1+1+1 and so on into it, more can and will be done that will enact change in this world and on this planet, that all starts with the equation 1+1+1 = You, Me and more. Investigate

Thanks for reading.


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