Day 634: “Eight” (8)

In this short series of blogs, I will be having a look at how I have used, thought of, and viewed “Numbers”, my perception of them, the Self-Forgiveness and Redefinition thereof if needed, as just words starting from the number “One (1)” through “Ten (10)”, and how the accumulative factor of these numbers, is more than just separate entities, but a massing together into the Oneness and Equality that has always been Here for us to do, but never did, So;

Lucky number “8” as per Chinese ideology, because it sounds like a word they use, that means to generate wealth, therefore it’s lucky, which is totally and Egotistical way of adapting Greed to the number “8” instead of, it being seen as the accumulation of 1+1+1 and so on. I mean it’s pretty fascinating how we come up with ways to change what’s set in stone, per se to suit our self-interest, and in this case God being our money, which is interesting because “8” sideway is the infinity sign, that God laid out for us, where we find ourselves going around in circles, thinking/believing we’re about to attain something, and every time we get back to the start point, we somehow forget the lap we just made, then think that we’re doing it for the first time, discovering the same old shit we’ve placed Here from before and call that Infinity, but in fact a time loop, this is more evident in race car races, where on some tracks they race around a figure “8”, chasing after a Win, in the midst of an energy experience, an “Eight” (Energy High) if you’re looking at the word that way, the same as we do on the race track in our minds following thoughts around in the midst of an energy experience, chasing a Win, hoping to see the checkered flag, but it never comes and find ourselves back at the starting point, waiting for the next race to begin.

I mean the number “8” is found in every facade of life, while ironically meaning different things to different groups, culture, races’, religions and belief system, where speaking of which, take numerology for instance, where ‘the “8” is the Great Karmic equalizer, a force that just as easily creates as well as destroy. Where it is said that when the “8” comes knocking, you can be assured that you will reap what you’ve sown’, which to me sound like a fear tactic as usual, for some to shy away from, and other to be drawn toward, but only if it’s in your ‘Chart’ as they put it, which screams udder separation, instead of the accumulative factor of 1+1+1, the equation of life, to obtain an Equal and One Life for all of us and them too, as you and me.

Then of course you have in the bible the number “8” representing a new beginning, meaning a new order or creation, and man’s ‘true ‘born again’ event when he is resurrected from the dead into eternal life. It’s funny how when putting profound words in front of statements of self-interest, such as the word ‘True’ or ‘Truth’, we claim validation of the statement and whole heartedly be-Lie-ve whatever’s being said to be so, same as saying; ‘but I’m telling you the truth though, I mean outside of skepticism, if what’s ‘True’ is true, why does the word ‘true’ have to be added to the mentioning of what’s being said, for example when the Truth is mentioned HERE, there’s no extra additive/addons stating, ‘This is the Truth’, because what’s being talked about/discussed/explain and shown to Self about yourself, is plain ole common sense, which in this day and age is uncommon to us, because we still choose to search for the Truth outside of ourselves, on the race track of the world and in our minds, as the infinity sign that we have created the number “8” out of, as a never ending Energy Experience, as I see it. So;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined the number “8” as in the chase after any form of Win, in the midst of a never ending energy experience, where as a collective I have used it as a sign of luck in some instances, a great Karmic equalizer in others, and as a New beginning, thinking that I would be truly ‘born again’ when I died, into eternal life, but with the catch 22 of, having to be a believer, and follower of the word of God , as we come to know it in this day and age, not realizing that remnants of this side of my personality was already laid out, preplanned for me, that I’ve integrated within and as myself, by the age of “8”, to now that’s full blown, that I’ve believed to be ‘true’ and who I am, which can’t be more further from the truth of who I really am as the accumulation of 1+1+1 in Equality and Oneness with everything as life, doing and living that which is best for Life in always in all ways, Therefore I commit myself to no longer accept and allow myself to chase after such energy experiences into infinity and beyond around the track of an “8”, but instead to become equal to and one with who self really is, that way I reach my utmost potential and able to live as an actual, practical living example of doing that which is best for all life, that would assist all to become the accumulation of 1+1+1, into infinity and beyond, until the line is broken and all experience forward movement as progress in one’s process.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Day 634: “Eight” (8)

  1. rebeccakarlendalmas says:

    I see the figure 8 as the circle polarized, twisted into right and wrong, instead of considering physical reality that is what we are. It is easy to see ONLY the polarities , as the narrow “either or” the catch 22 ( which is supposedly a number signifying reaching a level of mastery) scenario.

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