Day 632: “Six” (6)

In this short series of blogs, I will be having a look at how I have used, thought of, and viewed “Numbers”, my perception of them, the Self-Forgiveness and Redefinition thereof if needed, as just words starting from the number “One (1)” through “Ten (10)”, and how the accumulative factor of these numbers, is more than just separate entities, but a massing together into the Oneness and Equality that has always been Here for us to do, but never did, So;

Growing up in religion the number “6” was defined to me as any worst case scenario happening at any time, in the twinkling of an eye, as “666” the mark of the Beast, where it was said that if I didn’t follow the word of God, I would be branded with this mark of the Beast “666” on my forehead and would die and go to hell and burn for eternity, that fed on my imagination to the point of shaking in my boots whenever it was mentioned and/or brought up during church service, which brings into question why was this number “6” and the superstition of 13 the only two numbers, as the bad ones and all the rest cool?

I mean I follow this superstition for a while into adulthood, where I became a conspiracy theorist and started looking for the number “666” within thing, believing it to be signs of the end of the world and/or the New World Order, where I saw it in symbols and logos such as VISA, Stars and so on, which was fascinating to say the least, more so that the world never ended, Jesus never came and I was already in Hell, lol, but still then the point of not knowing is where the point of Fear steps in, along with being pressured/forced into believing that I should shy away from using this number, (as if I had “Six” dollars in my pocket, I better say Five) or else something bad would happen, by the mere mention of it. “Six”, “Six”, “Six”, see nothing happened, but couldn’t see that due to being brainwashed into believing that something will.

In Basketball, the “6th” man would come off the bench, that didn’t make the starting five, stating that he/she wasn’t good enough and would only come in as a sub. When one of the starting Five would get tired or hurt, again another Negative aspect being used to describe the number “6”.

To take it one step further, the “6st” letter of the alphabet is the letter F, meaning you Failed, as per my report card, if ever I got an F on it, stating that I didn’t try to comprehend the subject matter, but gave up before I even got started, to the resistance of it in my head. In High School, you had “6” periods as classes you had to attend in order to graduate from school before heading to College, but because of the failures I purposely created for myself in High School, I didn’t want to go, but still graduated with a 3.0 grade point average, I mean I was sick of the commonsensical nonsense being taught in school and wanted to explore the world even more, that would make the world my school, so to get away from it all, I joined the military, during the “6th” month of the year, in June and 4 years later got out the same month. I’ve been through and to “6” countries throughout my life time, but always found myself back Here with me, re-inventing myself for the “Sixth” time and each time would place me one step closer to where I am now, walking my process.

So through it all, I’ve went from being scared to mention the word/number “6”, thinking that it had something to do with death, out of the preprogrammed then brainwashed fear, I existed as, into seeing it as a sign that the world was coming to an end, to being the odd ball as an even number, the “6th man outside any group, waiting to be accepted, when I really didn’t accept myself, but only judged me, to creating my life as a purposeful Failure, while comprehending the subject matter, to running away from what I couldn’t stand for, but would later fine out in the world, as myself after re-inventing myself for the “6th time, to sitting Here at 11:40 am (which is “6”) writing Day 632 of my blog about the number “Six” (6), that’s part of walking my process to reach my utmost potential.

But I wouldn’t be Here if it wasn’t for Desteni and the Desteni I Process that started me on this Journey to life, for that I am eternally grateful, and I may see you again on this subject matter on day “666”, with a bit more detail into the phenomenon about “666”, but until then;

Thanks for reading.


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