Day 630: “Four/4/For/Fore”

In this short series of blogs, I will be having a look at how I have used, thought of, and viewed “Numbers”, my perception of them, the Self-“Forgiveness” and Redefinition thereof if needed, as just words starting from the number “One (1)” through “Ten (10)”, and how the accumulative factor of these numbers, is more than just separate entities, but a massing together into the Oneness and Equality that has always been Here for us to do, but never did, So;

“Four/4/For/Fore” as the “4” “Fours” sounding the same, but with different meaning, why is it that we practically have “4” “Fours”, let’s start with the number “4” as a completion of sorts, where you have the “Four” corners of the worlds, with and in which solidification was created, that spawned the creation of a square that houses “Four” corners, we used in the building of our houses in, as shelters from the elements, and with courtesy of the mind, from each other, trapped inside a box with “4” corner, as the walls close in, secluding oneself from all but the family I was raised in, where at the age of 18, is when it’s collectively agreed upon that one should step outside the Box and into the “Four” corners of the world, with a rude awaking that the world is much more than the “Four” corners one reside in growing up, and once seen how the world really is, we still follow suit in creating our own box of “4” corners and call this Myspace, unaware that there is no space in between, but that which makes up the space in between, as us and the air we breathe.

“For” real though, as in what we believe to be real is fake, but an illusion of the mind, and that in which we think is temporary, such as the Flesh and all things solidified, is “For”- Our – Realization” of Self as it, which is in fact “For” real, but would rather ask the question, ‘Who is ‘This “For”, expecting the answer to be, none other than me/mine, mine, mine, mine “4” times, without realizing that we’re actually Mining our Flesh, with every question we ask in separation from our self, to our self, about the ‘This as our self, “For” ourselves, literally, “For” us, by us, when realized creates “Forward” movement/progress toward stepping outside of the box we placed ourselves in. I mean are you “For” real?

The prediction of a “Forecast” is but the realization of the preprogramming we exist as, thinking that it’s smart to make machines to do work for us, and call this saving lives, because we fail to take responsibility “For” all that is alive as us, but only wanting to save our self-interest, as we follow the footsteps of our “Forebear” our “Forefathers” who was said to be here “Four” scores and 7 years ago, as we the people, need to stop “For” a second and realized that we are that in which we “Foresee” and predict.

It’s now time to step outside the Boxes we live in, and Mind we reside in, within the “4” corner of our Homes, where we’re constantly thinking within the “4” corners of our minds, (so much that our squared boxes turns into a bubble, as we create ourselves into bubble head dolls, with the nonstop shaking of our heads Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes to whatever the mind present/say/tells us to do): And into “4” count Breathing, where one, Inhales “For”: “4” counts, hold it “For” “4” count, (experiencing a moment of who you really are), then Exhale “For” “4” counts and Hold it “For” “4” count, to find yourself Here with and as yourself, in every moment of breath as everything around you.

Investigate Desteni to find out how to live life “For” Real, “For” Real.

Thanks for reading.


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