Day 627: One (1)

In this short series of blogs, I will be having a look at how I have used, thought of, and viewed “Numbers”, my perception of them, the Self-Forgiveness and Redefinition thereof if needed, as just words starting from the number “One (1)” through “Ten (10)”, and how the accumulative factor of these numbers, is more than just separate entities, but a massing together into the Oneness and Equality that has always been Here for us to do, but never did, So;

They say that “0ne (1)” is the loneliest number there is, which within individualism as we have defined it and separation, may just as well be, so being that through my Introversion of Self, I’ve created a lonely place for me to reside at times, when all I had to do was to interact with “One (1)” person at a time, as I saw them, to break the spell of introversion that I existed as, and this as “One (1)” perspective of the number/word, but in fact the number “One (1)” is more than just a Self-created lonely number, as it takes that “One (1)” to make up the masses, making the number “One (1)”, the beginning of all, to be all, as in the first Molecule/Being/Atom/Organism/Species/Insect/Plant/Animal/Human-being to Mankind alike, as if to be Hu-Man was a glitch in the system, lol, but the Mind will tell you so, and we wholeheartedly believe it, as if it is so, but it is in reverse, making the Mind the glitch, the only “One (1)” thing that don’t belong, but think that’s who we are.

When stating the words ‘Numeral Uno”, the first thing that comes to “One’s” mind is; “I’ll be that”/”I want to be that, within the field of competition, where it’s a doggy dog world out there, and the winner takes all, then stating I “Won” (One), without realizing “One” is playing against “Oneself”, I mean when looking at this dynamic for a moment, “One” will begin to realize how insane it is to go against yourself/”Oneself” (as in going against the grain) and just because we speak back to ‘One” another, doesn’t make it any different, we all are still “Oneself”.

In setting “Oneself” apart from the rest in stating, I am or must be the only “One” who knows this or that, I am special, have I seen and used this word in the Positive sense of it, thinking that I was the “One”, but was blind to the fact that “One” is more than just me, in the same sense of things, if there was only “One” of something left, that was not enough for me, I saw this as a Negative and would pout about it, therefore;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have used the number “One” as a defining factor of who I believed myself to be, as special, in separation from and above the rest, where, I have engrained within me, the Idea, and was told that I was born special for a reason that only God knew, thinking that I was the “One” to save the world, when I couldn’t even save myself.

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize the “Oneness” and Equality in all things that is common sense, but disregarded as something that was unattainable although evident, instead of placing myself as “One” with and Equal to all that is me.

When and as I see myself living my life under the assumptions that I am the “One”, in relations to being special and/or the center of attention, where, I perpetuate the character of superiority in a way towards and against others in general, as well as within the realm of competition, I stop and breathe, I see/realize/understand the simplicity within the accumulation of “One” as in 1+1+1, coming back together in “Oneness and Equality with a purpose of doing that which is best for all Life in all way, always, that would open the door for Heaven being created here on earth, and so commit myself to Living life in harmony with all life Here that is me, to no longer accept and allow myself to live in separation, with the Idea looming that I am special, but instead that I am “One” of the accumulated whole of all that chose to treat all life equally as myself.

Thanks for reading.


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