Day 624: “X” and Things

This “Process” that I’m walking with words is to “Purify” my vocabulary, by taking a few of the most “Prolific” words that I use, describe how I have used them, and correcting if needed the context in which I use them, by going through the Alphabet from “A” to “Z”

“X” in relations to a cross or being “X’’ed out of the picture, “Excommunicated” from the group, as if I hated you and don’t want to talk to you any longer, and better not nobody else talk to them either, so they can learn a lesson, to never go against the group, I mean get out of here, because your Ideas stand out like a turd in a punch bowl, without realizing the form of control and Enslavement being perpetuated here, because the Power is too blinding to see how one is placing oneself in a box of judgement, limitation, isolation and self-diminishment, unless the group stand for Oneness and Equality and that which is best for all life, being that of fact lived, but not taken to heart (per se) and so one has their own process to walk.

In relationships after the break up, why is it that we always talk about our “X” as if we’ve learnt our lesson through blaming them though, stating, I’m not going to be with that type of person anymore, I’ve changed my ways, and need more stimulation, then find yourself stuck right back in the same position, looking for more, because your New, now “X”, “X”, couldn’t do it for you either.

I mean if you really look at the letter “X”, that has been conjunct into a word, that we have defined as the throw away/dismission of a perceive part of ourselves that doesn’t fit or belong in our world, you could really see the extensive separation we exist as, here on this planet we’ve planned, but slowly “X”ing ourselves off of it.

Then you have the most sawt after, but un-talked about ability of “X-ray” vision that one does has, but unaware that they do, consisting of pictured images we’ve seen throughout our lives that’s processed in the machine of our Mind, to fit any occasion/situation when looking at another person that is appealing to you, after scanning then up and down, collecting image samples to be used later on when being intimate with someone else, I mean that’s probably why, we have “X’s” now, because we’re constantly “X-ing” our partner out of the picture when we’re together with them, thinking about the other person we used our “X-ray” vision on, but made up the “Excuse” that it was something in my eye, I wasn’t just looking at Him or Her, lol.

So, as a touchy subject for all those who use their “X-ray” vision on billboards, posters, magazines and people on the street, spitefully thinking that you’re hiding this self-defining ability to see through others clothing, the Gig is up, we all know “Exactly” what you’re doing when passing someone and your eyes take a 90 degree drop in a split second, as a punchline below the belt and into the mind of the other being, sending signals of imaginative proportion, hoping that no one saw what you just did, you need not worry, we all have done or still do the same thing, that needs to change, but we won’t claim it, and scream bloody murder when someone we know gets abused, instead of taking responsibility for the abuse we just perpetuated onto/towards someone else through the use of our “X-ray” vision. Where correction is needed, which goes a little something like;

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the word ”X”/”EX” in a way of disregarding parts/pieces/people as myself, that is myself, that I believe didn’t fit with me, in my world and reality and have become an “X”/”EX” to someone in the process of doing so, unaware that I was cutting myself of from seeing everything and everyone as me, instead of taking myself off the cross and communicating with others, my resolve, before “Exclusion”, as this is an overview through generalization of how I have used the letter/word “X”/”EX”.

Thanks for reading.


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