Day 622: “V”

This “Process” that I’m walking with words is to “Purify” my vocabulary, by taking a few of the most “Prolific” words that I use, describe how I have used them, and correcting if needed the context in which I use them, by going through the Alphabet from “A” to “Z”.

The “Viciousness” of our human behavior houses no “Value” when the words we use are the taking of another’s name in “Vain”, putting their heads , unaware that it’s our heads on the chopping block, thinking that it’ll never get back to them, but in fact it “Vehemently” will, which screams “Vulnerability”, that I’m “Vulnerable” to the exposure of my minds Idealistic way of thinking that we try and “Vail” through the gossiping about another, without even getting to know them for who they are, but through comparison have placed ourselves in a position of superiority, which superseded all cognitive reasoning from ever coming into “Volition” in the moment and now find ourselves on a “Vertical” climb, back to where we was before we even opened our big mouth.

It’s fascinating how we tend to sabotage ourselves even more in the moment of weakness that we misconstrue into being a moment of “Vengeance” due to our hidden envy, jealousy or just plain spitefulness, I mean what are we going to do now the cats out of the bag per se, I mean who like making a mess and having to clean up after themselves, time and time again, especially when your Self is just learning ow to self-forgive, but not limited to investigating what caused one to go into this delusion of grandeur in the first place.

Thing is, we end up passing this gossiping spell (gospel) along “Vicariously” onto our children, that has been spread throughout out family tree (for generations), that will eventually wither and die, (if it hadn’t already for some) if we keep up this act, simply because the roots couldn’t find a way to get along, so but instead housed a “Vendetta” towards one another, by talking about each other as if they weren’t even family, and you didn’t just see me standing next to you, waiting with a helping hand if support is needed, because at times I would need it as well.

But one must understand that this is a system design that’s been preprogrammed within and as us, but the responsibility still falls on us to be careful as to what we think and say about others, due to our negligence of the prominent points we don’t want to face or even look at, but would rather create an environment of discontent and separation between us and our fellow Selves.

But it’s not the end of the world yet, lol, we still have the ability to correct ourselves, and all there is left, is to go and do it, without considering yourself “Victorious” after walking through this point, because everything would then be in “Vain”, but instead to make corrections where corrections is needed and keep it stepping. And that’s all I got to say about that.

Thanks for reading.

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