Day 620: “T”

This “Process” that I’m walking with words is to “Purify” my vocabulary, by taking a few of the most “Prolific” words that I use, describe how I have used them, and correcting if needed the context in which I use them, by going through the Alphabet from “A” to “Z”.

“The” “Truth” about lies is “That” “There” is none, especially when you’re “Talking” “To” yourself, and “Thinking” “That” “The voices in your head it’s God “Talking” back “To” you, “Telling” you all the good “Things” “That” you wanna hear, while claiming “That” it’s not your fault when “The” next picture “That” comes up in your mind, closely resemble “The” “Thought” you just had about, what if someone hit the person crossing the street in front of you, at an intersections red light.

We’ve made “Truths” and Lies compatible, by calling “Things” and honest Lie or a white Lie, feeding each other partial “Truths”, because, “The” real “Truth” as it stand, we choose not “To” comprehend, “Therefore” it doesn’t resonate with us for the “Time” being, being “That” our “Time” (outside of work) is for self-interested purposes only, “Thinking” “That” our main purpose in life is “To” be Happy, without realizing happiness as we have defined it, is a Lie as well, far from “The” Truth, so in essence “The” “Truth” we “Tell” ourselves is in fact a Lie. I mean how can you really “Trust” someone that says; ‘But I’m “Tell” you “The” “Truth” “Though”, “Though” as in despite all “That” being said, I’m sticking “To” my opinion anyway and nobody can tell me different.

“This “makes “Trust” superficial, saying that I “Trust” you “To” a partner or someone you just met,” That” does “Things” for you for “The” moment, in order to receive something in the next, but when in the next moment they switch up, the “Trust” is gone, just as quickly as it came, why is this? Is it because I “Trusted” in a look or a Feeling, “Telling” me” That” “They” can definitely be “Trusted”, I mean look at them, their just so harmless and cute, “Then” realize, looks Are deceiving and you should have, “Trusted” your Self “That” “Told” you to look out, not at “Them”. We “Then” go down “This” long sad road stating “That”, you broke my “Trust” in you, blaming “Them” for not responding “To” us, “The” way we wanted “Them” “To”, and/or expected “Them” “To”. So, in all Self-Trust is key, but how is this achieved, by being Self-Honest with yourself, where in “The moment you have this Attraction feeling for/towards someone in your world, check your starting point for feeling “This” way, and if “This” feeling houses any desires, keep it stepping.


Just “Tell” me “The “Truth” was always my moto, and so used “The word in a Positive sense of it, being that I was always “Told” “That” the “Truth” will set you free, and so I “Thrived” for it, until I found it and realized “That” “The” “Truth” will only help you “To” see, and I have “To” free myself, I mean I even gave myself “The” name of “Truthbornn” which only “Turned” into another Positive Character I perpetuated, while living a Negative life


It’s funny how we derived “Temper” from “Temperature”, having a hot head, where I’ve seen this as Negative, being “That” someone was always mad about a undirected point, but couldn’t see it, (in hindsight) and so when pointed out “To” “Them” “They” would get more mad, which I allowed to bring my mood down, “Then” into my own “Temper”/ “Temperature”, of being a hot head, and reacting to their reactions.

Sounding of the Words

Truth [as in Trust You Through and Through]

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined the word Truth in the sense of, that in which will set you free, that all I had to do was to know it and I would be free, and so saw this as a Positive thing, because that to me was easy enough to do, without realizing That the Truth will only help me to see and that I have to set myself free, freedom in the sense of Trusting me Through and Through, therefore I hereby redefine Truth to; “That which helps you to see” to be able to investigate and go down the road to correction.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have used Talking selectively, fearing that I would be told that I talked too much, being that when I had a voice to say something, growing up I was shut down and told that I didn’t know nothing therefore, I picked and chose who to talk to, instead of being selective with the words I spoke, which would have opened me up to sharing myself more. I commit myself to opening up and sharing myself more through talking/having conversations with others to get out of this introversion, I have so buried myself within, to become the Tall king of the words that I speak.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have used Telling in the sense of a demand for someone to listen, stating; ‘I’m Telling You Though”, without really listening to what I was being Told by anyone and if that someone wouldn’t listen, (in my younger years), I would Tell on them. So, I commit myself to inverting my Telling to listening to what I’m being told by my body, first and foremost, then others in my world and reality, that would assist me to seeing what I’m facing, that they’ve walked through, and corrected themselves already.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have wanted Things, needed Things, desired Things to be of my liking, then have cherished the things I have to the point of hoarding my material possession, paying more attention to them than my well-being, instead of seeing/realizing, I was letting these things control me, therefore I commit myself to no longer taking things Personally, but to put things into perspective, starting with a structured life worth living, that which is best for all.


Thought [Refer Here ]

Therefore [ As in the-reference-for]

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have used the word Therefore as a point of hence, before adding on to a point that I’m looking to receive validation on, from others, because what was being said wasn’t substantial enough to get across to the receiver, Therefore, clarity is needs as correction, so I commit myself to using the word Therefore in the sense of, and as a point of correction, statin, Therefore, I commit, or Therefore I forgive.

Time [Refer Here ]


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have thrown the word Trust around like it was candy, with the perceived gullibility that I would get something out of what I gave, which was never the case, being that my starting point for Trusting someone was always based in self-interest, instead of realizing how, I lacked the point of self-Trust and thus looked for it in giving it to others, which would always end up not working, Therefore I commit myself to living Self-Trust for myself, before even thinking about Trusting others, and in this way, I know what I will and will not accept and allow within myself and that form others.


Thanks for reading.


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