Day 618: “R” An Aspect of “Responsibility” and More

This “Process” that I’m walking with words is to “Purify” my vocabulary, by taking a few of the most “Prolific” words that I use, describe how I have used them, and correcting if needed the context in which I use them, by going through the Alphabet from “A” to “Z”.

I often time “Roll” around picking up things in my pathway off the ground, if I know there’s a trash bin in my vicinity, to “Recycle” is good, but it hasn’t always been that way through my actions, but was always quick to “React” to someone leaving a mess in my immediate vicinity, my home/office/place of business, where I felt that it was “Rude” to come into someone’s space/place and leave your perishable/disposable’s around, therefore I believed if you “Released” it from your paws, it’s your “Responsibility” to pick up/clean it up. Interesting how with this mentality, anytime I was outside in a public place, I would let my Pride/Ego step in, and stop me from “Re-‘Acting, by invoking my Ability to “Respond”, to that in which I see is simply harmful/spiteful, being done to the environment/Earth, as if we’re saying to the Earth; ‘Here’, I took it from you, used it and now smacking you in the face with the “Remnants” of it, take it back, in “Relations” to how we throw Trash on the ground, lit cigarette buds in the bushes and on the grass, or even spitting on the Earth, without a second thought to what we’re doing, because our Minds are too busy with first thoughts “Running” Amuck in our heads, and No I’m not an Activist, but quickly becoming an Actionist when it comes to taking “Responsibility” for my Actions. and care of everything around me that can’t in a way do for themselves, such as the Earth, sort of a different way to look at it, but as a matter of fact. Therefore, I have defined” Responsibility” in a partial sense to only be “Responsible” for certain things that was in my Self-Interest to make me look good and not the things around me.

In fact, what is the “Reason” that we’re so “Reluctant” to pick things up around others, as if it’s a laugh at matter for us doing so? You mean to tell me that girl or guy wouldn’t like you if they see you pick up a piece of paper on the ground “Right in front of them, and if not, that’s probably not the person you should be with and or even try to impress, but imagine if all the world took a moment to pick up that next piece of trash right in front of you, funny thing if one was to get a ticket for the trash on the street, that’s closest to you, lol, I mean call it unfair, but this world would be clean in no time. What spawned this beginning the “R” words with “Responsibility” was, walking into Starbuck there was this empty cup that had been smashed and an empty Cheetos bag on the ground and I simply picked it up, as this girl was walking towards me and as she passed, she said thanks for doing that, as if she worked there, but didn’t, I just looked at her, mumbled something and kept going, thing is it wasn’t about her, but only me acting out of my Ability to “Respond” and Here you have it, that it’s also Not about my Actions, but the assistance the Earth needed in that moment, which is plain and simple, as I see it.

Someone told me that “Respect” is earned and not just given, as if “Respect” is a form of currency to be played with, I mean if you look at it, the majority of “Respect” nowadays is only given to those we envy who are financially established, an authority figure (which is the same as Fearing for “Respect”) and those who we self-interest-ly say that to someone, in hopes of getting something in “Return” from them, which is a few classifications of ways I have defined the word. It seems as if the point of “Respect” is always projected outward, because we don’t and/or have failed to “Respect” ourselves


Feeling as if I’m always “Right” for what I believed in, made the mere mention of the word “Righteous” a Positive thing, being that all I knew was the belief system in which I was raised, I felt as if I was a “Righteous” person and thus Positive, where the feeling of superiority over other because of what I knew took precedence and couldn’t no one tell me anything, that is until I got out in to the world on my own.


After hearing the Design of “Religion” then “Realizing” why it was placed here, I became quick to Judge anyone, who was still “Religious” as Negative, that they were the cause for what I went through in life, so to speak, without “Realizing” how I’ve placed myself in this position in the first place.

Sounding of the Words


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have seen Roll as in Rolling, to be a lazy way to do something, as in Rolling around in my head, Reacting, with emotions and feelings to situations, instead of taking a directive Role in the way I was creating myself to be, therefore, I commit myself to taking and maintaining a directive Role in my Life, in how I define and Change the Nature of me.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have used Responsibility in a partial sense of the word, where I would only be Responsible for the things I felt suited my self-interest that would make me look good in front of others. instead of taking Responsibility for all/everything as me. I commit myself to getting to the point of being able to take Responsibility for all as me without question.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the word Respect as a form of envy towards someone who was well established financially, without knowing them as who they Really are, but giving them a blind pass of sort, just because I didn’t have what they did, meaning, I would forgo my own self-Respect bow down to the Respect I gave to them, therefore, I commit myself to first off having self-Respect for me, while Respecting all as life as me.Righteous

I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have believed that I was so Righteous, that no one could tell me anything about what I knew, being that all I knew, blinded me from seeing the truth and misdirection that what I knew was a lie to keep me brainwashed and subservient to the hierarchal structured belief system I grew up in. Therefore, I commit myself to dropping the Righteous act that has in fact corrupted my Being, courtesy of the mind, no longer accepting and allowing myself to mine me, as in burying my beingness deeper into my mind, surrounded by my flesh, but instead to break out of this soft shell/veil of Righteousness that’s the Right amount of tediousness to keep me entangle in the web of Lies I grew up to believe in, to see what hell is really about, so that I’m able to stop and correct the hell that exist within and as me, as one hell of a way to Change this world.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to when I got of age enough to comprehending things for myself, still accepted and allowed myself to Rely on Religion, as a backdrop for if all else failed in my life, to go back to it, without realizing the failure started from being in religion in the first place, until hearing the Design of Religion and Realizing why it was placed, and for what Reason I allowed myself to be aligned with it, did I see it as something Negative and everyone else who still was in it and blamed them for what I’ve been through, instead of seeing it as an investigation to all things and keeping that which is good, therefore I commit myself to Rely on my Self, trusting me to walk through the points that has come while walking this point of Religion


Thanks for reading.


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