Day 615: “O” for “Obedience”

Obedience in short “Obey”, where “On” “One” hand you have the fear “Of” being disciplined and “On” the “Other”, we search for power through slavery, “Objectively” selecting “Others” we know we can take advantage “Of”, inflicting “Our” will “Onto” them, in hopes for compliance without question, and in most cases, end up being children, where the parent feels that it’s a need to inject Fear into a child, to stop them from showing them (the parent) the creation they made as a duplicate copy of themselves, stating; “Ima teach you to “Obey” me, as the child experience Abuse for the first time in this their Life, become immune to it, then use this as a way “Of” getting what they want, and/ “Or” being submissive to the plighted self-interest “Of” “Others”, deriving energy from either being Dominate “Or” Submissive.

It’s interesting how we have connected Fear instantly to the words “Obedience”/” Obey and to be “Obedient”, being that if “One” is Not, then this, that “Or” the “Other” will happen to you, i.e.; “Obey” the word of God “Or” you will be strike down, with the Fear of Hell Looming “Over” your head.

The fact “Of” “One’s” Childhood (the way “One” was raised), makes the point “Of” Relationships, a melting pot for “Obedience”, “Out” “Of jealousy, and/” Or” the point of power and control causing “One” at times to physically “Or” verbally abuse the “Other” and withhold affection from “One” another, until they “Obey”, which is completely cynical, but accepted “Out” “Of” addiction to what the “Other has to “Offer”, which is most likely a feeling.


The illusion of “Obedience” to derive some form of Pleasure from “Obeying” someone, without realizing the pressure I was putting “On” my Physical body, I had defined as a Positive usage “Of” the word, “Only” until I had achieved the energy that came with it, then would go into a Negative slump for the way I went about it.

Sounding of the Words

Now here is where it gets interesting, within the sounding “Of” the word, being that everything is in reverse, as to how we have projected “Obedience “Outward” towards “Others” through the preprogrammed design “Of” slavery, instilled within and as us from as far back as we can remember, but what I realized is that, Self-“Obedience” was and still is nowhere in the equation that is supportive to “Our” walk “Of” Change, but instead we walk in shame, that we have to “Obey” external laws in “Order” to survive. So, you have;


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined Obedience as a forced upon doing Out Of the fear, that something would happen to me, if I didn’t do what I was told to, also in the context Of being addicted to a pleasurable moment given by someone upon the demand Of compliance, instead of seeing/realizing understanding that Obedience should be directed toward Self, through Self-Trust, as given signal directed by the body to investigate the cause/reason behind the movement going On within and as me – to live the correction in compliance with what my Body demands, Self-Obedience, therefore I Hereby redefine the Word Obedience, as a point of remembrance to; “Oh Be The I, I Want To See In Me”, simply stating, to be the change I want to see in this world, by listening to, investigating, correcting and complying with what is shown to me by my Human Physical Body as the assistance needed to reach my utmost potential as Life within a Human Being.

Oh-Be-The-I-I-Want -To-See-N-Me

[for short]




I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have used the word One in the context of singularity, in separation from the whole, instead of realizing One to be part of the whole, as One unit of Life and not only me, so I commit myself to when using the word One, to consider all as that One and not Only me in separation from the whole Of Life.



Thanks for reading.

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