Day 612: “L”ife

In “Life”, what is it that excites us in our “Leisure” time, when meeting someone for the first time, in one moment then saying, I “Like” you, while “Looking” at them straight in the eye, with an unconscious intent of trying to “Locate” their soul, as if just a moment ago, they hated you and everything that you stood for, ironically this is just a mild assumption when “Looking” through the looking glass as the eyes of another, in the attempt to figure them out in the next moment, so you can walk away with an impression “Left” on yourself, happy go ”Lucky”, and for the next 24 hours or so, find yourself, “Loathing” in the memory of what has been, within the wonderment of do they “Like” you too, and we call this feeling; “Living” “Life”.

The statement of “Let” me “Live” my “Life” the way I want to, is spoken in vain without the consideration of all “Life” as you, as me, but said countless amounts of times throughout my “Life” out of self-interest in the moment when perpetuating an Energy-Filled reaction, which is actually “Life” spelled backward, while backing myself into a corner, thinking that I needed space to experience me, “Leaving” no room for change, I mean I have grown to “Like” being alone, just so I could say that I’m “Lonely” to anyone that would “Listen”, while “Lusting” for the response of, ‘What can I do for you’, which inevitably “Locked” me into the trap of being introverted and dependent, which secluded me even more into the “Life” I wanted to be “Left” alone to “Live”, which wasn’t really “Living” “Life” at all, but “Living” a “Lie”, when chasing after energy experiences. Therefore, I have defined “Life” in that instance as a choice to be, a certain way, through Characterization and self-interest, when chasing after energy experiences, as the experience of me.

Is this all “Life” has to offer, as the statement of self-acceptance, when giving up is placed on a the table, under the assumption that I have no choice but to conform, without realizing what “Life” had to offer is the position I’m in now, walking my process to become it, “Live” it, breathe it, be it, protect it, stand equal to and one with it and most Importantly, to do what’s best for it, “Life” as the final frontier to changing this existence is to be “Lived” without any Self-Imposed “Limitations”, illusions of Grandeur or Evil.


Positivity I saw/thought to be the key to “Life”, therefore I saw “Life” as a Positive thing, without realizing the “Limitation” I have placed upon it, claiming if I was happy, (in the sense of having money and/or material possession), that to me was “Living” “Life”.


In the context of taking a “Life”, has always been a Negative to me, where the question was asked, what about in a kill or be killed situation, where I stated, if you get the upper hand, you then have a choice, being that “Life” is now in your hands, and should not be taken for granted, in a moment of rage and/or fear.

Sounding of the Words


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined Life as a series of self-interested
choices to be a certain way, through Characterization, when chasing after energy experiences, as the experience of me, without realizing all consist of Life as me, therefore if I wasn’t living for/as all, then I wasn’t Living Life, so I hereby redefine Life to that in which one becomes and live as all as oneself, doing that which is best for all in every moment of breathe, to be obtained through self-investigation/realization/Self-Forgiveness and Correction, without Filling oneself up with energy Limitations.

(In reverse) E-Fil = Energy Filled


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have used the word leisure as a way to try and escape my reality in Leaving Here, which in fact was an abdication of my responsibility, instead of leaving my mind and coming back Here to experience the present as a form of expression to be lived, therefore I commit myself to redefining the word Leisure to that of presently expressing and enjoying who I am as everything around me in the moment when alone with oneself.



I forgive myself that I have accepting and allowed myself live the energy experience of Liking someone within a split moment of meeting them, just because their actions resonated with the character I was perpetuating at the time, stating ‘I Like you’, then leave with an impression of them on me, and at the forefront of my mind, which magnified the wonderment of thinking do they like me to, instead of keeping it simple with agreeing or not with what’s/who’s resonating in front of me, unconditionally., Therefore, I commit myself to no longer over sensitizing the genuine like I have for someone or something, but instead to continue getting to know that someone or something more, before Living Like I really know them.


Creative Writing

Therefore, “Living” “Life” with only “Like” minded individuals was “Ludacris” to say the “Least”, because of the “Lostness” of self that I “Let” “Limit” me in so many ways, unable to “Live” who I really am as “Life”, because whenever I “Looked” at someone I didn’t see myself “Looking” back at me, and so had “Lost” touch with reality, as a “Loser”, as the “Life” I Lived.


Simply put: You as all and everything around You, as You/Me.

Thanks for reading.

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