Day 611: “K”

They say “Kill” em with “Kindness”, as a figure of speech, but what “Kind” of person speaks of “Kindness” when “Killing” is all we do, that’s hidden through the advertising of giving to charities, as seen through a Kaleidoscope of pretty colors and shapes, that makes up the sacred geometry of our inherent preprogrammed designed nature, making it appear hard for one to live the word “Kind” as the expression of oneself, but if only one would lift the veil to see what’s under the shell, you would fine the redefinition of this word as; ‘Being me,. so, I must “Keep “on “Keeping” on.

Investigating all things and “Keeping” that which is good, without any accumulated Self-Interest to “Keep” me busy, as the side show of living without a purpose, stating that I’m “Keeping” this for myself, in relations to the “Kind” of things that only makes me happy, hoarding away any possibility of experiencing change when one gets the idea that something must give, but “Keep” allowing myself to do the same thing.

“Knowing” is half the battle, but when it’s a battle to get to “know” yourself, something is severely wrong with this picture, being that “Knowledge” without application is useless, where I have gravitated towards “Knowledge” to be obtained for purposes of stature/status, which in all aspects was an illusion of grandeur.


“Kindness” in the general sense of the word, I’ve always used in a positive connotation of the word, where a random act would be to open the door for the lady, or share a treat with my friends growing up, but never “Kind” to everyone and everything the same equally, meaning that there’s a flaw in the way Positivity is reached.


That’s not my “Kind” of party, meaning that it doesn’t suit my self-interest at the moment creating a Negative drawback of sort against a “Kind” of, place or thing, in separation from myself, that all things weren’t good for me, because I just didn’t like it, as a spiteful way to exist, while trapped in the introverted self as me.

Sounding of the Words


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have looked at killing as a bad, horrible thing, without realizing that I was Killing myself all alone, by keeping myself Ill with thoughts and reactions. I commit myself to stopping the Killing of myself through the continuation of following my thought around in my head and reacting to what comes up, by investigating what comes up within and as me and correcting myself.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined Kindness in the sense of only being kind to those that was close to me and no one else who I didn’t know, keeping it in the Nest (so to speak) instead of making my acts more than random but to treat everyone and everything the same as I would like to be treated. I hereby commit myself to redefining kindness to that of treating others with the respect I would want for myself.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have distracted myself with the workings of a Kaleidoscope with all its colors and shapes, without realizing my own preprogrammed designed within what I was seeing, as I was colliding with myself to No avail, therefore I commit myself to stopping the collisions within me, the fight within and as me, to be able to de-program myself and live life to my utmost potential.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Keep things to myself, to have been closed mouthed, without asking question when I needed to learn things about myself, where I would keep the Key-pieces of my self-interest intact that would cause me to diminish myself, therefore the selfishness within me kept me limited from reaching my utmost potential. So, I commit myself to keeping myself focus on my process instead of Keeping my problems to myself.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to at one point in my life, think that I was all-knowing in the sense of communicating with the people in my world, where I would spew knowledge and information in hopes of receiving status, defining Knowing as that in which I possess of Knowledge and information to make myself seem more than others, therefore I hereby redefine Knowing to that of retaining that in which I learn to be used as self-support in the process of changing me to reach my utmost potential, where there’s no ending to learning and applying.


Thanks for Reading.

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