Day 610: “J”

Throughout my life I’ve often found myself trying to “Justify” my “Judgements” of others by “Joking”, as if I was a court “Jester”, “Judicating” the way I viewed people, as a form of breaking the ice, when there was too much silence in the room, which was actually an excuse to cover up my own insecurities, while claiming that it was “Just “ a “Joke” as has been in my world as “Jurisdiction”, believing that I was to Judge to remain in control of me, when in fact the “Joke” was on me for “Judging” myself.

They say ‘that’s “Just” the way it is’, but “Just “because “Just” is a created fact, doesn’t mean that there’s a “Just” cause for being, “Just” because I said so. I mean we scream No “Justice” No Peace, when it’s “Just” us who fail to take responsibility for the pieces of ourselves as others we neglect in every which way possible, making it possible for “Just” to be understood in the context of what’s best for all and not “Just” in a sense of “Oh Well”.

For what it seems as Aon’s of time we’ve been told to wait for “Judgement” day to come, that “Judgement” day is coming, so in the wait we walk around “Judging” others for not being ready, not realizing that we’re the “Judge” to our own demise, for the simple fact that we fail to face ourselves at every turn, believing that if we put someone else in the lime light, maybe what we’ve done will go unnoticed, as the same as looking in the mirror saying to yourself that’s not me, an impossible Feat to do, being that you will face yourself to be “Judged” by you, and me, me.


Defined by a belief system I believe criticism to be a Positive form of Judgement, where my opinion became the catapult to downing the next Mans work, because it wasn’t up to par with what I was doing, as I’ve defined as industry standard, no matter the case or type of work being done, we believe some form of “Judgement” is in order, in order to keep everything running the same, leaving no room for Change, because simply put Change doesn’t make the money, so we claim if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, “Just” let it be, because, again, that’s “Just” the way it is.


Afraid that people would look at me funny is how I would “Justify” my “Judgments” of them, as Negative, by stating to myself, “Just” if I’, looked like this or that way, or didn’t have this or that mark on my body, then I wouldn’t have to worry about them, as an easy out of taking responsibility for my own Self- “Judgements”.

Sounding of the Words


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have lived my life from one Justification to the next, thinking that I needed to Justify why I was the way I am, as so different than other, not realizing that the environment in which I was raise, and how I was raise, played a major role in the way I look and turned out, instead of Just accepting me for me. I commit myself to accepting me for me and living the words Self-Acceptance, not more Just if I, but how about I just take responsibility for myself.

Just-If I


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think that I’ve written about Judgement enough in my past, only to find myself still Judging myself, being defined as a necessary medium to keep myself in line, but the question is with what, therefore I commit myself to removing all self-judgements from within and as me, and living as what I’m meant to be, which is Life.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have said and done things toward other in a Joking manor, defining Joking as the pointing out of other mishaps in the moment, for selfish pleasures, instead of see/realizing the Joke was on me, being that I could only point out what I saw and/or have done within myself, which is no laughing matter, therefore I commit myself to living and using the word Joke/Joking in the context of pointing out my own mishap as a laugh that would assist and support someone to see what and how I’ve walked through a point


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think about myself when looking for Justice for a wrong doing, stating, Just us/Just me, I’m the one that was wrong, so help me get vengeance, while 1/3 of the world have No one standing up for them in anyway, because our only concerned is on Just Us and our petty excuses of self-interest, so I commit myself to continue finding myself in everything around me and in existence, to ultimately change Justice from Just Us, to All.

Thanks for Reading.


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