Day 609: “I”

You’re looking at him, “I”, Me in the flesh, as the only statement we agree to recognize the body with, other than that, we see “It” as a vessel, as “If” “It” was a 18’ wheeler hauling around our “Important” perishables, “In” essence our junk, consisting of a brain, a few organs and a soul and a mind, not realizing that “I” am not the mind, but so much more than that, you as an “I” = “Individual” “Is” so much more than that, “In”-Divided-“Into” different expression, as One whole. “Individually” speaking one’s Opinion, “Is “In fact a way to Spite facts, without the facts “In” front of you, as a way “I’ve” used to fight back with myself, keeping myself “Integrated” within and as my mind, while claiming “I” don’t mind, (which is a lie), ‘I” have my own opinion and you have yours. “I”, “I”, “I”, “I”, “I”.

Lol, “I” experienced an eye opener when listening to an “Interview” in the Reptilians Series; ‘Language the Sceptre of Creation’ (Pt. 2) 71 with Marduk, where “It” was discuss how “In” existence at what point we started separating ourselves through language, where beings no more communicated themselves through there beingness with each other as beingness sharing, but instead it now became, look at me, look at how “I” am, look at what I am experiencing, and how from then on, no being ever communicated with each other, they were always communicating themselves, where for example when a being would communicate with them, “It” wouldn’t be a hearing a sharing, a seeing of who that being “Is “in” the totality of themselves, everything would move “In” sound to the other being and the other being would then resonate and activate all of their personalities, definitions, language an symbols , and then communicate, but this is what “I” am experiencing’ within me, that you’re activating, ‘Within me’, ‘Within “I”, where previously it was, “I” see with you, “I” see as you, I experience with and as you, let me expand with what you’re saying, and so on and so forth, I mean after listen to this “Interview”, “I” see why “I” have defined everything all about me/“I”, that sort of a blinding mechanism to seeing myself/expressing and understanding the totality of another being/person and all that’s me/.

I mean we get to this point, by being “Idealistic”, where an “Idealistic” way of thinking is to invoke my way on how “I” think things should be/done, because “It’s” my “Idea”, “I” came up with “It”, which actually leaves no room for expansion, through the perspective of others, I mean I was good at that, but it only got me to looking at things objectively and one-sided, because of the “I”, “I” exist as and have patronized within myself, which caused such “Isolation” of me in my world and reality.

“Isolate’, where “I” was always so late, because “I” had closed myself off to the rest of the world “In” a way, to not receive, “Important” “Information” that would expand my horizon to eventually arise from behind the “I” and communicate as the “We”.


My “Interpretation”, the way I’d said things was a Positive, even the word “In” “Itself” “Interpretation” – as a point of view/an Opinion, “I’ve” used in a Positive connotation of the word, meaning “It” was cool to me for all to have their own Opinions /” Interpretations”, because that meant no one would question me about mine.
“I”, “I’ve” always used in a Positive connotation of the word, being that “I’ve” always wanted everything to be about me, the center of attention, selfish to the we, “It” was Me first, unless the we suited my “Interest” of self, but still then “It” was all about me.


Any “interruptions” to the “I”, “I” saw as a Negative, and thus see/saw the word “Interruption” being used “In” a Negative connotation of “It, as a bad thing, where for example an “Interruption” to my resting/sleeping, triggered a reaction from within me, but on the other hand “It” would be Ok for me to “Interrupt” others, because my excuse would be valid, which “Is” a partial way of looking at things

Sounding of the Words


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have made things all about me/I, my point of view, how I would experience myself when in conversation with others, instead of seeing what they were sharing and then adding to the share as I was seeing them as me, which in essence, I was defining I, without considering others, who they are as the shared with me themselves, therefore, I hereby Redefine I in to the context of all, during communication with another being, as a hearing, a sharing and seeing who that being is in the totality of themselves, without placing myself in as a reaction to how they made me feel by what they’re saying.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have used the word If in a spiteful sense, stating, what if this or that happens, in a worst case scenario, bringing up my Imagination that would provoke a reaction for the I, I have defined as me, Instead of seeing the word If as a possibility to do within a timeframe I am given, therefore I commit myself to using the word If as a measure of support through communicating to others what I am or not able to do within a timeframe I am given, no longer a “What if”.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have only considered things of my own self-interest as most Important, instead of seeing/realizing myself as all, making all as Important to me, in the sense of doing that which is best for all, within includes me, therefore I commit myself to considering and seeing that I’m-Part-All, as the whole as me, and using the word as such



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have separated myself from all through being an introvert, creating a want within me to be IN with the IN crowd, group, people in general, instead of seeing/realizing the connection we all have to each other as IN Humanity, therefore the only separation that doesn’t belong is of the Mind, and so I commit myself to no longer creating a down and out feeling about wanting to be IN, but instead to see/realize/understand and express that, I am the IN in which I seek, as part of the whole.

Individual [See]

Interview [See above Link]


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have an Idea of me and how I only see things being done my way, stating that, because it’s my Idea it shouldn’t be changed and/or can get no better, that should stay the same, without realizing how limited and primitive my Ideals have become, because I left no room for perspective from other, who would see what I wasn’t, to input a correction or change to make it/or me better, and so I commit myself redefining Idealistic from that of being stuck on the I aspect of the deal, to that of sharing my deals with other, that would leave things open for perspective/correction and addition if needed, to improve on that which is already Here.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have had the behind closed door syndrome in Isolation from myself through guilt and suppression, first and foremost, that would cause my to seclude myself from my own reality, living the word, I-So-Late, instead of seeing/realizing communicating and sharing myself with the We as all to be on time and up on the times, so when it’s time to assist and support others as myself, I’ll be on time and so I commit myself to living the word Openness and vulnerability



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see all and all’s Interpretation as a positive thing, thinking/perceiving/believing that opinion through freedom of choice, was the way to real individualism, without realizing, the I as defined through separation, is the starting point of all’s participation, therefore I commit myself to redefining the word Interpretation from that of having a free choice to give one’s opinion, to that of sharing a realization after a walking through investigation and correction.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to become reactive whenever I was interrupted with what I was doing, especially when resting, and then turn right back around and believe it to be ok to interrupt others, thinking that my excuse is more valid, instead of breathing my way through the stop of what I was doing, as the consideration of the interrupter as me, and/or communicating the importance of what I’m doing to the interrupter, as the acknowledgement of what the interrupter wants, I commit myself to taking into consideration what others are doing as I would like for myself, to no longer accept and allow myself to blatantly become the interrupter, but to consider what others are doing as important, if not more than what I’m doing, when faced with the same/similar situation. I commit myself to living the words consideration of others, making the I, I exist as more of a We thing.

Thanks for reading.


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