Day 607: “G”

They say “Good” things come’s to those who wait, but what “Good” does it do if you’re always trying to be “Good” but have no patience. It’s interesting how, I have defined the association with “Good” and “God” as almost the same thing, where if it was “Gods” will to flood the earth, that to me was a “Good” thing, opening the “Gate” of sorts to punish people that treated me un “Godly”, which in reality is insane, but carried out by the masses in Christianity in the name of “God”.

Then you have the statement “Good” “Grief”, which is an oxymoron, because what form of “Grief” do you know that’s “Good”, and the blame is either, it was “Gods” will or they shouldn’t have done…, but more fascinating is, why is it that someone have to “Go” through “Grief” to reach “God”, such as a bad accident or a life threatening illness, then wake up with a testimony from Hell, stating that I’ve been tested and saw the light, Hallelujah, I mean these are words and incidents I grew up with hearing and believing was a matter of fact, and thus defined as essential to the moral standardized way of living I was brainwashed to believe was the only way to live life, and so in purifying my vocabulary, redefinitions and/or replacement words to be lived, are in order. Side note {Nothing against Christians, if you’re living the message of Jesus].

To “Give”, to “Give” as you would like to receive. As a child, I always said “Gimme” “Gimme”, because after trying something one time, I wanted to experience that sensation again and again, so “Growing” up the “Gimme” turned into a choice of, can you “Give” me, then when I “Got” it, I didn’t really share sometimes, and the crazy part is how we misconstrued this message, by “Giving” in order to receive, I mean if you look at it, how many times have you Honestly “Gave” someone something and didn’t have any intentions in NO way what so ever of “Getting” anything back, probably far and few in between, but most would say I have a “Good” heart though, but again that where the “God” principle come in. So, within this, “Give” has been something that I’ve done with the expectation of receive in the long run.

It’s ashamed how it takes us, slowly but “Gradually” to get to know ourselves as someone else, I mean how “Great” would it be, to be “Grateful” to know every Human Being that you see, as if the “Gravity” between us, all of a sudden dissipates, NO more locked doors for real. Lol


How “Good” do one have to be to live a Positive life, as to me everything that was “Good” was Positive, that is until I realized the saying, what’s “Good for the “Goose” is “Good” for the “Gander”, “Gander” meaning male “Goose”, which with animals, may be so, but with Human Beings, it’s a different story, being that the Mind is in play with the Ego and an abundant amount of self-interest, so in essence what others may see as a “Good” thing and Positive, another may see as a Negative.


To “Grieve” over someone, I’ve always found as a Negative and used this word in a Negative connotation of it, being that death was a Negative to me, so anything associated with it such as “Grieving”, I see as Negative, being that I felt that “Grieving” had no purpose, simply because it couldn’t bring the person back, so therefore useless to me.

Sounding of the Words


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to think being Good was an interest of self, to appease someone or something and have defined it as such, instead of realizing and living Good as a natural expression of who I am, by doing that which is best for all. And thus, hereby redefine Good as doing that which is best for all, being aware of and consider all as me as life.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined God as something/someone unseen but special, a higher power, someone to be feared, instead of realizing this special being to be the same as me, where Godhood would be obtained once I stop my mind, and realize all as one as equal as me and become life.




I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to define Give as something I would do with the expectation of receiving something in return, instead of realizing that to give should be in the sense of a Gift, where how I would like to receive without any stipulations, I should do for other, being that others are me, I am Giving to myself.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the word Gimme as a substitute for Give-Me, as a child, always wanting to re-live the experience I had with something I was Given, then Growing up with the same mentality, instead of realizing things should be Given to all freely, as how life should be, therefore the word to live should be Give, as in Gift, also “Sufficient” as in Self-Sufficiency, without the need ask for unless it’s dire, and without any expectations.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to use the word Gave in looking for, receiving Thanks or Praise, in the sense of a Handout give, in which I also attached a sense of Superiority to, thinking, just because I Gave someone something, I’m entitled to some form of Attention for it, instead of realizing everything I Gave and who to, should be past tense and thus letting go as the memory unconditionally should be the case, so I hereby redefine Gave to that in which I’ve done unto myself in the form of another, as if to move something from my right hand to my left.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to attach a feeling of happiness to the word Getting, in the sense of something I wanted, that I would at times use to showoff, by saying “Guess what I’m Getting”, instead of keeping it to myself, simply because I don’t have it yet. I commit myself to no longer use Getting as a showoff mechanism of sort, but instead to keep it to myself.



I forgive myself that I that I have accepted and allowed myself to have used Gradually as a process of procrastination, taking my time, when time I didn’t have. I hereby commit myself to Redefining the word Gradually as the process I’m walking that takes time, to take things slow, in being thorough walking through each point to at a point in my life, Graduate/Amalgamate to Life.


Interesting how there are very few words beginning with the letter “G” that I use in my vocabulary and for most as well, so in the process of expanding my vocabulary, I will investigate the using of more words starting with the letter “G”.

Thanks for reading.

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