Day 606: “F” Fighting/Falling/Forgiving

“Fight” “For” what you believe in, stemming “From” the statement, if you don’t stand “For” something, then you’re nothing, the same as telling a kid on the playground, I dare you to punch that other kid in the “Face” then calling him a sissy when he don’t do it. “Fascinating” how we “Force” one another to comply with the system standards of survival to “Fight “For” your rights, when what’s right is “Far” “From” how we designed this reality to be, which is “Foreign” to most, but complete common sense that we’ll rather “Forgo” than “Face” head on as a matter of “Fact” that we should live by.

They said we needed a “Few” good men, so I jumped “For” the cause like a “Fanatic” “For” change, because I didn’t resonate with the environment I grew up in, but soon found that the “Freedom” I was “Fighting” “For” was only “For” a “Few” bad men, as I have defined “Freedom” as the right to keep my material possession and way of life, even though it was “Forced” on me, as these words I’ve associated with the design of “Fighting”. But most importantly that perpetuate my external reality, is the day to day “Fighting” I do within myself, yelling and screaming at myself, then judging myself “For” doing so, this “Fight” resides in the “Forefront of one’s mind, “Forgetting”, hey wait a minute, I got a life to live Here.

Now before the “Fight”, one “Fail” to realize the “Falling” that will take place during and after, in the sense of the reactional contact that’s being made with Self or another, causes one to lose “Focus”, stability and “Fall” more than one would anticipate, until the I can’t get up becomes the Giving up on life.

The point of bracing for impact, is only a validation for the “Frequent” “Falling” one would knowingly participate in, i.e. an addiction to anything, where the ride is “Fascinating”, up then down like “Frequent” “Flyer” mile accumulation, as the consequences we create “For ourselves, must and will walk through, but if standing resonate with oneself, “Falling becomes a gift, when unintentional, where we’ll see it, “Face” it and “Forgive it, so in essence “Falling to me has been a point of Helplessness, Hopelessness, and Disempowerment, that needs to be redefined.

The lumps one gets “From” “Falling” as the consequences accumulated is overlooked, when the words; I’m “Fine” is spoken and/or I’ll be ok, instead of “Forgiving myself in the “First” place, and in my case, thinking believing I could tough through the pain, because to me, weakness was a “False” sense of perception that I “Feared” to “Forgive”, not realizing the “Fear I exist as is the “Fear of Self-“Forgiveness”.


Standing up for oneself when no other choice was give, was a way of Positivity I used to “Fight” against physical abuse, without seeing the Self-Positioning I was placing myself in.

The self-induction of a “Fall” for fun created a Positive happy “Feeling” within me, i.e. going snowboarding “For” the “First” time in my life, without realizing and “Forgiving” the harm I was doing to my Human Physical Body as the recognition of Self’s presence as life.

To “Forgive” and “Forget, a hopeful other that the same would be done unto me, as the Positive message I grew up hearing, but not always living.


A spiteful rebuttal inflicted onto someone or something physically and/or verbally, “Fighting” “For” an idea of one’s own self-interest to appease one’s Ego, I hated to see anyone “Fighting”, being that growing up that’s all people did, better yet I hated any form of abuse in itself and saw this as a Negative connotation of the word Fighting.

In a sense of one hurting oneself, no one likes “Falling”, I “Fell” a lot growing up and was told to get up and try it again, only thing, that didn’t take the pain away, and so I saw this word “Falling” in a Negative sense of the word.

Asking God to “Forgive” you when something is going wrong in your life, then waiting “For” the wrong to stop happening, but never does, goes to question why am I even asking, and how I saw Forgiving or asking for “Forgiveness” for a higher being useless and so Negative.

Sounding of the Words


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to justify Fighting on one hand as a last resort of position placement with no way out, and on the other as cruel and unusual punishment that need not exist, without realizing, the ultimate Fighting existing within and as me with myself as the perpetuation of all Fighting that exist in my world, this world and reality, as we exist in a form of hiding from having to face ourselves for our own minds.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have used For, as a giveaway factor, shying away from that which I really need at times, as an eventual change from what I was doing, by stating, that’s just not For me, instead of realizing For’ as a prefix that’s always adjacent to me, as myself and /or through the eyes of another as me.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have utilized From as an umm statement of separating myself “From” seeing/knowing/understanding all as me, clarifying; to me “From” me.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have turned my back on me, to not see the First ace, as problem that comes up for me to Face, therefore (Hypothetically Speaking), I let my beard grow, instead of keeping a shaved life, in cutting out/“Facing”, all the riff raft, I exist as.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have created and participated in Fascinating moments, in the sense of chasing after energy experiences, and letting my inherent Human Nature as spitefulness run amuck, creating an out of this world showcase of emotional turmoil, instead of fastening my seatbelt of sorts, strapping myself into my process, and standing Firm in my commitments

Fast-In-Nature (Human)


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have whenever I gave myself the Cold of emotions, during a conflictual situation, become hoarse as the Force of sorts, I use in trying and make others see my point of view, instead of realizing the point I viewed had no substance within it, therefore the Force of sorts I perpetuated was a scream of non-comprehension to what I was viewing, so instead I will use the word investigation in its place.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to separate myself for distances beyond my physical eyesight as Far, due to the Fact, I have blinded/veiled myself from seeing all that is me, with my mind, instead of stopping my mind to see everything here within and as me, making that in which I deemed Far here. I commit myself to continue walking my process to make this happen.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see the word few as not enough, always craved more, instead realizing the simplicity within the few that speaks volume, when of substance, such as one you and one me.


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined the word Fanatic in separation from me as something/someone out there that’s too attached to something or someone, instead of realizing how much of a Fan I am to the Addiction of my own mind.



I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to realize that true Freedom comes when one has completely detached oneself from being controlled by one’s mind, into directing and living one’s life to one’s utmost potential. And this is achieved by Reading and applying the Damned material.


Forgetting [see Here]



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have defined Falling as a loss of one’s bearing, due to some form of physical occurrence/interaction with someone/something, instead of seeing/realizing it also as a Gift to one when one resonates with standing up, I hereby redefine falling to that which assist me to see a point through a mistake made when not realized.




I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to have used Forgiving/Forgiveness as a request For validation From someone when things were going wrong, From a higher power, instead of realizing Forgiving should be done unto toward and For Self-only, For it to be effective, therefore I redefine this word, to Gifting to me the Gift of awareness, that I can see/correct and change my ways, to support in a way that which is best for all.


Thanks for Reading.

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