Day 603: “C”

As in Care, so when the questions/statements come up, “Take Care”, “Be Careful”, “What do you Care about”, and so many more, but in particular, “You don’t Care about me”, then stating; “I Care about you”, we give an answer with no plausible reason as to why, other than a superficial, be Cause of the things you do for me, so if I stop doing these thing, would you still care about me, goes to question ones starting point/motive for being together, and if you’re Curious test it out for yourself, ask your partner/mate/friend why do you care about me, as one of the toughest questions asked when dealing with a relationship of any sort, that I have Come to validate my reasons for the above statements.

Consider the possibilities, if I were to do this or that in my life, that I’ve been told, but only Considered them, without Committing, always leaving one foot in the door as an escape route, just in case the shoe didn’t fit Comfortable, being that my Comfortability as Blindness was the Case and Cause for my limitation, as I would Call on a higher power for help, which never Came, as my Confidence in Certain things started slipping, because I filled myself with Contorted facts, which was only ideas passed down from generations to reach me, just as Confused as Can be.


Christianity although fearful, became a Positive way for me to live, in the sense of having something to believe in, and while being stuck in the lie, I still didn’t feel Complete, but used it as a source for Conversation with like-minded Congregations is how I have used and defined in Connotation these words.


The thought of re-Creating the Crucifixion through Communion, to me wasn’t a Cool Community thing to do and after experiencing it a few times, the Negative Aspect Came forth, in the sense of simulating, breaking the bones, eating and drinking the blood of Christ, with grape juice and Cracker was more like a satanic ritual you would think, as the use of these words describe how I defined one viewpoint in my life as Negative.

Sounding of the Words


I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to Care less for self, but more about the way someone makes me feel, which should be the opposite way around.






I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to see a Cause for everything as something out there, instead of looking within myself as the true Cause for how I experience me in my world, which I would end up paying the Cost for through Consequences in my life



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to be Curious about the things I don’t know about, instead of investigate all things to see that the Cure is us.





I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to Come sit with myself Here in order to take everyone and everything into consideration, instead of just writing some things off. I Hereby Consider everything as me



I Commit myself to be the Committee of me/myself/and I, my mind/Body/Being that investigates every aspect of myself, to become one with and equal to each other and Amalgamate to life.





I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself align myself to Certainty out of self-interest, only following/believing in certain things in this Case that made me happy, all energy based, instead of stating and living, what I will and will not accept and allowed, as my Certainty to becoming life.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to not realize how I was living on top of a Consciousness fuse that would ignite at any time, Causing me to react in Confusion to any and everything around me, instead if extinguishing the flame of Conflict



I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to live Christianity as Commonly known as Christ like, which implies, doing unto other as you would like done unto you, but instead got wrapped up in the worship of a Christ entity.



I forgive myself that I haven’t accepted and allowed myself to listen to myself tell me to Come with me please and investigate oneself, in order to be Complete, but instead always relied on something outside of me to Complete me, as such in any relationship.



I forgive myself that I have accepted and allowed myself to for so long, have this debate in my head with my mind limiting, then stopping me from having an effective Conversation with another human-being, being that I Couldn’t decide on what to say or talk about, because I’d be too busy talking to myself, instead of silencing my mind before Conversing with someone


Real Care is when Self makes a Commitment and live by it, which shows that one really Care for oneself, which Constitutes Self-Care.

Creative Writing

I see myself in a memory looking for a Cure to be Consistent and Concise, Confused as to whether or not I Could be like everyone else, picking up something and sticking with it, I felt the world owed me a Chance to live Corrected and never took it, but remained for some time Closed off to the possibility of Change if there was more work involved. Curious to what was on the other side, I Came up with the idea that I was special, but Couldn’t Comprehend why. Conflicted between the thoughts in my mind and the reality in my face, I Chased after energy experiences, instead of investigating the inner me to experience who I really am as life for real, so with a Collective of words that starts with the letter “C” is how I have defined parts of my life as a catastrophe, to be redefined as the Confidence in living the Corrections I have/and will continue to commit to and make in my own life.

Thanks for reading.

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