Day 602: “B” or “Be”

Because my communication is not as effective as I would like it. To “Be” from that which has Been, should “Be” one’s ultimate goal, if one’s goal is to “Be” come Life, which is far with few in ”Be” tween, being that, we’ve always let It “Be”, IT as in I-Think, Believing that this IT’ must “Be” who I am, therefore “Let it “Be”, as in let it “Be” as in Content, meaning I’m content with Being who I am as these thoughts, instead of Being All I can “Be” as All as Life, To “Be” = I am Here, I exist as the Here-ness of Now, which houses, NO Belief or must to what is certain, the absolute BEINGNESS of what is Here as All in one Body.

A Body full of words, statements, slogan and phrases that I have used in separation from it, starting with the statement; I’ll “Be” right Back’, a pause or loss of focus from the present – that I allow myself to drift away from Being Here, for a moment of Self-Interest, “Be” leaving that it’s ok to leave a moment of interaction open ended, allowing for the mind to step in and “Be’ come directive principle, to analyze what has taken place thus far, to possibly inject into, add on to, a perspective given during the interaction, therefore when I come to “Be” (Back Here) the outcome of a viable solution has turned into conflict, because I chose to “Be” right back = turning my back on the present moment of interaction thinking that I’m right, and so Let It “Be”.

“Be” as in,’ Believe in me, due to the mistrust I have in myself, that make what I have to say and/or can do, that I’m not doing or haven’t tried an eventual Lie, basically saying help me to validate the lie I am perpetuating, Being or Becoming. “Be” as in Belief system, believing the outlined structured format, I was raised in as religion, which was to Become that which wasn’t attainable Being Here that was a lie, that I have used as a Positive connotation of the words.

In a more Negative aspect; “Be” cause, as a tide turning prelim to a forth coming excuse, that would validate a point I was trying to make, so when question as to why, I would say “Be” cause, as if there was a cause Behind my reasoning, which for most part there wasn’t, ‘Being that my bases for communicating, was only to spread the New knowledge and information I had gathered, ‘But never investigated.

Sounding of the words
















Creative Writing

To Be he that’s Been In Between, that has Betted against life, in hope for Wings in the afterlife, unaware that I am a BEING in the process of Becoming Life, that takes No Belief System of Being the lie that I Believed, thinking that I was Leaving, But Because it was a Lie, I am the Cause for my current Allocation in this world.


So, from Here I stand as the “Be” ness of Here in every moment of Breath, to “Be” Here with every word I speak, to “Be” come Life as who I am, to change the inherent nature of my Beingness, to no longer spiting myself and or any other life form in this existence, I choose to “Be” and not Believe.

Thanks for reading.


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