Day 601: “A”

A letter in the Alphabet, Numeral Uno, the One, Person, Place, Thing or Being, the You or I that stands out in separation of/from all the rest, but never “A” as in All, and only All if All is separate from the One, the Alpha, Apex point of discussion as the “A” in Any given moment, except for when the ANY = “A”-Not-You, in such case we look for, search for “A” entity outside of ourselves to give us strength and take our burdens Away, as Abdication to not face the “A” as Self, without realizing that with every sounding of the Letter/Word “A”, we’re moving the “A” away from Self AS = “A” Self, as All as Equal to and One with, 1+1+1= All, which is best for All, as LIFE.

Sounding of the Word





Throughout my life I have purposely used the word “A” as an American Slang Idiom to get someone’ Attention, as an improper introduction of myself to someone, when wanting to have a conversation, mostly out of self-interest and desire, when trying to read a book by its cover, (so to speak) fascinated by what I see, I let my mind speak and what came out is “A”, short for Hey as one Negative aspect of the word, as I have defined it.

Amen or A Man, both I have defined as strong Positive affirmation to my Personality and Character traits, where on one hand as an Agreeance to a belief systems Higher Powers command/commandments, that I would try and commit myself to by using the word “A”- men, blind to the separation between the “A” in Men, but longed to become “A” Man like my father, defined as the epidemy of strength in a world of survival, believing that the “A” was I, full of strength, full of knowledge and Information, in essence full of my own Character Self, and full of shit, without a care for anyone else in the world, but “A” boy like me.

Within A sentence, what comes up is the words,” A’’ in the attempt to describe something that I couldn’t in the moment remember, so After the “A” would come “Umm”, this is because I have separated myself from that in which I am trying to describe, leaving the memory of what I am trying to describe on the tip of my tongue, unable to spit it out.

We give credence to Man-made things as something greater than us, that may well support us, but see ourselves as inferior to, such as “A” House, “A” Car, “A” Livingroom, “A” Bed, “A” Computer, “A” Couch, “A” Table, “A” Chair, which is Us, and Aware, but before we take notice to its Awareness, we wear it out, thinking that the squeaking noises they makes is normal somehow, which is ‘Another way I have separated from the “A” as things that Assist and support me.

“A” request for Affirmation, is but Another sign of separation, I use to validate my self-interest, through “A” request for documentation, “A” Degree, then “A” Title to receive some sort of “A” Pension, that’s worth less than “A” Peanut, within “A” Life full of conditions, because I’ve conditioned myself to being the “A” in it All, instead of the “A” AS ALL Life and living “A” Life that’s best for All. So Here;

This is but a short introduction to the commitment I made to redefine every word I speak, so as I go along, I’ll be picking random Letters and words that I use/have used throughout my life that I’ve defined in separation from me, and redefine them to be lived as words of support in my everyday life as who I really am as life.

Thanks for reading.


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2 Responses to Day 601: “A”

  1. Cool process you are walking Carlton with redefining all the words you use – will follow along!

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