Day 600: My Only Pet Peeve

Should be how we hold anger and resentment hostage as a pet that we nurture, through our reactions when putting what others do first, instead of our own quirks and mishaps stating; My only Pet Peeve is when someone cook something and leave their dishes in the sink, when all they have to do is wash them and put them away. My only Pet Peeve is when I go to use the sink in the bathroom and my roommate has left their hair all over the place, I mean I can’t stand that. My only Pet Peeve is driving in traffic and someone cuts me off, Agghh, and then turn right back around and do the same thing to them and in some cases probably unaware that we’re doing so.

So, is it to say that our only pet peeves are that in which we do/have done unto other, that’s being done back to us, that’s showing us the nature of our ways, that we become angry looking at through the actions of others, I mean why else would we get upset/angry/mad at something we have ourselves perpetuated at one time or another in our lives.

Thing is when we get over something, some of us somehow think that the world has gotten over it to, which is not the case everytime, being that if you count the days, weeks, months, years that you were stuck/set in your own ways of doing things/leaving things undone, until something or someone snapped you out of it, then you’ll probably have a speck of compassion for the next person going through what you’ve been through, and help walk them through it.

And Yes, sometimes saying things once is not enough, but doesn’t give you the right to criticize another and/or get frustrated that they did it again, just simply tell them again/remind them again, as we soon forget a lot of things, like what you did 5 minutes ago. (Get my point), and if you have to think about it, then yes, you forgot too.

Then you have things beyond our control that’s a different story, in the sense of things that you see others do out in public, that you take your Pet Anger out for a walk about, I mean if you look at it and see that ‘this is beyond my control, why do we then purposely relinquish our self-control, in the service of what someone else has done around us, or that we’ve just ran into by chance, is there a chance that we still hold resentment toward ourselves for having still done the same?

A thing to look at is; My only Pet Peeve should be about something that I am seeking to change in my life and/or in the process of changing in my life, because I can’t stand to live like this or better yet, I can’t STAND when living like this in my life, in essence, not standing and taking responsibility for my own Patterns/Habits/Ways/Behaviors, but instead creating a Pet through my reactions out of Anger and Resentment, because I love the energy experience.

Which is actually the cover up, the cover up of all my flaws, just in case someone was to take notice of them and point them out to me, and/or someone else, so instead I’ll Pet Peeve about others, with this Idea that I’m safe for the moment when around others, just long enough for me to finish what I’m doing and vacate the premises, before I’m exposed, but what we don’t realize is that we’re exposing ourselves through judging other and playing holier than thou, which puts ourselves under a microscope to be inspected by others, after we leave and then brought up in certain conversation when you’re not around, so how’s that for self-placement.

I can honestly say that I’ve had one Pet Peeve in my life. which was something that I did as a child when learning to do things, that my father broke me out of, then later on in life, when I saw others do it, in my house, I would Pet Peeve about it, which really didn’t solve anything, my stigma was, I didn’t want anyone to feel how I felt when my father corrected me on the matter, but that didn’t work out either, it continued happening with my male friends that would come over, that is until I realized to open my mouth and say something about it, without reacting, and continue to say something every time I saw this take place, and that’s what I did, until which ever male friend of mine would come over (and use the bathroom) and remember to do what it was that I had a thing for, when in my house, showing me the Pet Peeving was not a solution.

So, you see, the annoyance of what someone else do/have done, is but a self-judgment we project onto/toward someone else that we haven’t taken responsibility for in some way or another, but just let it be, in our own lives, our world and reality.

Investigate yourself to see where correction is needed, and if help is needed investigate DIP Lite.

Thanks for reading.

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