Day 599: When Stepping in is Overlooked

Looking from an outsider’s perspective, at times you see more than meets the eye, so to speak, that no one wants to mention that’s a problem that could be rectified/sorted out, but since no one will bring it up, why say anything, I mean just let it be, but then, when something dramatic happens all we can say is, I saw it coming, but didn’t speak up in time enough to save myself as the other person/being I observed take a dive into a consequential outflow of things. but could have stepped in when a solution to what I was seeing, was fresh in your mind.

We often times say, it’s not my problem and/or they’ll get it, but what if they don’t, silently screaming for help, but no one hears them, as we’re there observing the situation sitting on a possible solution, but for some reason not wanting to say anything, (Now before you go off and take this elsewhere in your mind) I’ll slow it down with a mild example; Ok so a while back I was riding my bike and came up to a light crossing on the sidewalk, where next to me I saw a man talking on his phone with a puppy on a dog leash, who was sitting there not wanting to move, so the owner started dragging the dog on the leash on the hot concrete in the middle of summer, I mean as soon as I saw this I Yelled out “Hey, WTF are you doing”, which startled him a bit, where he then said; “It don’t want to move”, I didn’t say anything else, but the guy then picked up the puppy and walked with him the rest of the way, I supposed, preventing things from getting worse in that moment.

Now imagine seeing a family member or a really close friend going through something where they can’t really help themselves at the present moment, and the only thing everyone else around them do is to encourage them by stating it’s going to be ok, I’ll pray for you, then leaving it in God’s hands, stating they’re just old and should have their way with what they’re doing their own way, while knowing that the solution is as simple as the person needing to change their diet, but because they’re old, sympathizing with their choice of food, is it justifiable in this case, or have one already written this person off unconsciously in their mind, while claiming I love them and have their best interest in mind, when it’s our mind that’s interested in taking a back seat, instead of saying what we blatantly see as part, if not the remedy to this problem.

Fascinating how we can come up with 99 excuses why not to step in and assist someone with what we may see as a remedy to a prevailing problem, when the 1 reason why we should, is common sense, doing unto others as we would like to be done unto, but don’t do, meaning if you place yourself in the shoes of what they’re facing, would you like to continue walking as you do, or would you like to be told that your shoe laces are untied, in essence?

Thing is, stepping in has always been overlooked, especially when things are going well for us, no ailments, pain or immediate problems that can be foreseen, but when someone else is facing an issue (per se), we often times view stepping in as a contagious thing to do, as if we may contract what they have/what they’re faced with onto ourselves, which is what the mind will tell you, but is the exact opposite in the sense of, by helping others, you are in fact helping yourself.

Your perspective/input may be all that’s need to make a difference in the lives of others, because really, nine times out of ten, the fear we exist as, that’s stopping us from stepping in and assisting someone or something, is but a figment of one’s imagination, and can easily be side stepped by simply opening up one’s mouth and saying; “Hey, look at Here, this is what I am observing” and then taking it from there, and by doing so, you’ll find that people would probably be more receptive to your candidness than a few, I mean it wouldn’t hurt to try it out, I have, but was very careful of the starting point in which I choose to do so, meaning without any premeditation, thoughts of achieving something or getting something out of it, praise etc., but as a momentary expression of genuine care for myself as the other Person/Being that was there before me.

Mind you, not all situations will be the same/are the same, but if it moves you to step in when looking at the simplicity within the resolve in a matter, then by all means do so, especially when it’s someone you know, that may be close to you, as this may be the changing fact in what they’re dealing with, I mean a real friend and/or caring family member knows when and when not to give someone their space, without going overboard.

Thanks for reading.



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