Day 598: Comfortability as Blindness

Being set in one’s own way of doing something, creating a pattern from it and becoming comfortable following it, leads to one’s eventual blindness from seeing different way to assist and support oneself, when faced with walking different points in one’s own life, that would simplify the process it takes to move through and into correction of said point, which is actually more easier than always going against the grain of things, just because we haven’t tried this New approach, doesn’t mean that it don’t work, all it take is to apply it in place of one’s own failed attempt. Failed in the sense of, if you have gotten comfortable doing things your way and find that there’s still a problem coming up within the point you’re facing, switch it up for a change and/or to experience change.

Blindness is trick, but not in a Proverbial sense of the word, but when one is not willing to see a different Way/Avenue/Approach to the way one has become comfortable with doing/handling things in one’s own life, in which case, even if shown a New approach/way of doing something, one may not see it or understand it, which makes for one to soon forget what one just heard and/or was shown.

Repetition creates comfortability, but comfortability doesn’t have to lead to blindness, being that if one remains open to change while being comfortable progressing in one’s process, in one’s own life, self-expansion/growth and development is imminent, and to become comfortable with expanding/growing and developing oneself into one’s utmost potential, is how one is able to change and enjoy the process in doing so.

But first one has to break free from one’s own comfort zone, which can be a feat in itself, because who wants to give up any form of comfort they have, especially if it’s the key to one’s happiness, in which case leads full circle to one becoming Blind to seeing anything different than what one is used to dealing with and doing.

Two things, ’Fear of loss’ and ‘Self-Forgiveness’, where we fear losing this comfortability and thus blind ourselves to seeing anything different, not realizing that the very thing we don’t want to see, could be what gives us a better understanding of who we are, which could make for a more comfortable way of living our lives, but to achieve this, one has to utilize the tools of Writing, Self-Forgiveness and Self-Corrective Application, presented by Desteni, that I have used, and in the process of using to change my Comfortability as Blindness, to being Comfortable with Changing the way I express myself and see things, to Changing me, and being Comfortable with the Change I see in me.

Investigate DIP Lite, Free Online Course to learn more about yourself and how to utilize the tools I mentioned above, into being comfortable with changing yourself.

Thanks for reading.


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