Day 597: The Illusion of Doubt as an Assumption

I doubt it, I doubt that anything I write will make a lick of sense. I doubt that what she has to say will be anything different than what has already been said. I doubt that he’ll live up to his words, then turn around just to realize that all your doubting was in vain, because everything you just doubted came to fruition, as you move onto the next doubtful moment in your day, without considering that all this doubt is really towards yourself, internally stating; “I’ll Do it But”, then don’t, and just because you didn’t do it, or think of it, or even come up with it, you project your doubt onto/towards others, doubting that they could do/would do and did do, what you couldn’t possibly imagine/see yourself doing.

The illusion of doubt as an assumption, assuming that the world only revolves around your level of comprehension, without taking the necessary steps to investigate or expand yourself, we doubt anything we hear, that’s New to be real, I mean it couldn’t possibly be, in essence I haven’t heard of it (Yet), so I doubt what you’re telling me is true, until someone tells you to go test it out for yourself and still then the doubt we exist as, stops us from going to test it out for ourselves, keeping us locked in a world of wonder, because we doubt everything and can only wonder what’s really going on out there. It’s like the enjoyment of living in a state of blindness.

Behind this doubt is also hidden fear, where for example, we’ll doubt that some of what we see happening in movies to be real, and could never happen in our world, I mean that would be overwhelming and too much for me to handle, but in fact some of the things in movies has happened, are happening as we speak, take mass destruction for instance, which is going on prevalently in our world, in which we then make a movie about it to cover up that it’s currently taking place right now under our noses, claiming; “That’s just Hollywood ”, but in fact not, and in some cases won’t be public knowledge until 50 years from now, which is the statute of limitations, non-disclosure policy for anytime those in power fuck up,

But still even in our day to day lives we doubt little things and don’t want to see them, like our so-called friends, gossiping behind our back, thinking “Naw they wouldn’t do that to me”, then turn around and hear it from the grape vine, and pertinent things like, we really need to change the way we live and do things in our lives, but think I doubt it, I’m fine, then get a head ache, back ache, foot ache, shoulder pain or stomach ache and blame it on salmonella poisoning or someone stressing you out. But I doubt that we’ll do anything about it, because it’s not in our programing to do, so we’ll remain the same, that is until we decide to wake up from this illusion of doubt and do something about it.

They say assumptions, (and you know the rest), which I say is only part of the problem, the other part is not trusting in yourself, doubting that anything you or anyone else as you, do, will ever make a difference in this world, but if that’s too big for you, start with you in your own world – to stop doubting your own ability and marveling at other, being that in essence we’re all cut from the same cloth or come from the same potato, however you want to put it, so the potential is in each one of us to do, be, live to our utmost and learn ourselves as us and everyone else around us as us, to no longer accept and allow ourselves to doubt what we can do, and/or what others can do and know that we don’t know, but instead to turn this doubt into expansion, self-expansion/growth and development, where when and as we see and hearing things that we don’t know about or haven’t seen before, we look to see what we can gain from this information, and to live the statement; “Investigate all things and keep that which is good” without just doubting it. Don’t be a Doubting Thomas!

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2 Responses to Day 597: The Illusion of Doubt as an Assumption

  1. this is extremely supportive – like, pinpointing a major point for me that I have been struggling with. appreciated!

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