Day 594: We Need Help

While the world need to change, we’d rather sit back and watch the world through our mind as a brain, in movie theatre’s with reclining red chairs, that Impairs our vision, looking to see if something is really out there, because the thrill is in the not knowing which way to go, but it shows that we do know, but would rather instead enjoy the sideshow of apocalyptic proportion, just to say we saved the world from having an abortion, from spitting us out as the infestation we are, all for the love of money, fantastic houses and cars, that can be easily reduced to rubble with one gush of a storm, just to be rebuilt the same way, with the same problem reborn.

What don’t we get, there’s no catastrophe that will happen in the world that would make us all come together on one accord, especially if there’s fear involved, we would soon turn on one another in search for that more of, but you’ll never see it. because it doesn’t come from above, it’s not spread through love or through the problems needed to be solve, where mathematically, nothing will ever change, if the (I)’s doesn’t evolve, the You and Me that has somehow missed the point of it all, we fall so gracefully and then just lay there and go to sleep, as if to say I’m waiting for the grace of God to come save me.

Living a blank life filled in with strife and misery, confusion and disillusion, I mean what has gotten into me, some believe that we should be charged for the air we breathe, the same as paying for products that the earth gives freely, where greed has risen to an all high point of misbelief, but yet and still we believe the lie that it takes money to be free, and even that lie has costed us a hefty fee, to the price of half the world starving and the other half deceived, but it’s not by anyone out there per se, we’ve did this to ourselves, but blame that our very existence was created by someone else.

How did it come to this, with a brief look back in time, where History is His story of how he created his mind, and at the same time with the same design that some would say is a crime, is when you created yours and I created mine, as a way to make things easier the new automated Self, where I’ll just walk, say and do like everybody else, no looking within myself , finding my problems and correcting them, It’s more like, he made me feel this way, so we blame it on him.

It really don’t have to be this way, it doesn’t really have to come to this, I would have thought when the truth became known that the world couldn’t resist and would raise one fist in unity, uniting together to make this simple change, but when it was found that there’s work involved, it wasn’t that simple as it seemed, the dream of the world changing all at once, became more of a challenge, I mean we’ve lived in polarity for so long, that we’ve become used to having to balance, everything out, our lives, our house, our jobs, our kids, our family and spouse, where with just a shadow of doubt may tip the scales where either way we fall, so we walk around on edge and in Fear of somehow losing it all.

Therefore, it’s back to the drawing board in this repetitive cycle of tit for tat, where we rather take away from each other and never give back, we’ve created the fabric of things in our existence to break down over time, instead of a place to live a good life for multiple life times, where there’s a warranty on all the machines that we’ve made to do things for us and we’re slowly but surely making it so that there’s a warranty on us, through the replacing of body parts, we look to be accepted, creating an expiration date on the time we have left, and with our minds we mine the very essence of our flesh, the turn around and think that we know what’s best for our children, MAN, We Need HELP.

Investigate to help yourself out of the mess you’ve made.

Thanks for reading.

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