Day 592: When it Rains It Pours

To being tested to see if you react again, where most likely when something goes wrong in your world such as for instance, something that you use regularly breaks at the most unforeseen time and/or at a time when there’s no place open for you to get it fixed, it’s imperative that you first off don’t react to it, and if you do, it important that you pay close attention to the next few series of events that’ll take place around you, because after the first reaction, comes a test reaction and even if you don’t react to the second thing happening to you, (for example bumping your head against something) another small thing will possibly happen to make sure that your second non-reaction wasn’t a fluke so to speak, but by that time, if you are aware of your reactions, then you’ll realize what’s actually going on within yourself, but if you’re not, things can and will easily spiral out of control, leaving you with an overwhelming sense of being powerless and hopeless, because when it rains it pours as you continue to react to it.

Looking at it from a personal perspective, and for context, the other day I was speaking with a friend of mine who was opening up to me about what he was going through, as the compounding factor of things happening in his world, and asked for my perspective, so I started to explain to him a bit about how the mind works and how the mind will present something to you in order for you to react to, and if you react to it, it will then take it one step further in presenting something else to add to what you’ve already reacted to and so on and so forth, which leads one down the road of blaming others for what they are experiencing and eventually into depression, which was the state he was in at the moment, I then went into an example of something that happened to me in my world and how I faced this point and walked through it, to give him a more clear picture of what I was talking about, so for most part, he saw and understood what I was saying. (Mind you this person I’m referring to has no affiliation with Desteni). And this is where it gets interesting.

Interestingly enough, the next day, (which was a Sunday) we all planned to meet up at the beach, as they were coming from their place, and I was coming from mine, so when I got into the general area, I gave them a call and they told me where they were, which was like the next block over from where I was in my truck, so I then made a U-Turn and heard something pop, and then started seeing smoke coming from under my hood, really bad, so as I was going to park I passed them crossing the street, where they told me my truck was smoking and I said I know, then went and parked in a paid parking lot, down the street a ways.

I got out and lifted the hood and couldn’t pinpoint the problem, but I knew that my friend could, so I locked the truck and walked up the hill to meet them, which by that time there was a slight reaction coming up within and as me, where I suppressed it and met them at the restaurant, and this is where the compounding factor started happening, but could have went un-noticed if I wasn’t aware of what was happening.

As I was walking up to the table, I notice there was only 4 chairs (being that there was 5 of us), I picked up on this right away and didn’t react, we then got another chair from the table next to us, for me to sit down, I then explain what happened to my truck and ask my friend if he would come with me afterward to take a look at my truck and tell me what the problem was, (as he is more car savvy than me), and he agreed. They then begin to order, but when it got around to me, I was still somewhat stuck in the initial reaction and said I wasn’t hungry, so they ordered and I was content with water and while eating during our conversation, I ended up snapping out of this reaction and coming back to my senses. As that part.

What happen next was, close to the end of the dinner, a cup of water ended up in my lap, somehow some way, and at that point, I had to chuckle, because I then really knew what was going on, as the compounding factor testing to see if I was still in reactive mode, I brushed the water off and keep conversating as if nothing happened, no reaction.

We then finished dinner and went down to the beach where while the others set up their things, my friend and I went and looked at my truck, where he then found the problem which was right in front of our face, as a broken heater hose, and being that it was Sunday there was nothing open for me to get it fixed, so I made peace with that, as we went back and joined the others on the beach. And had a pretty cool rest of being on the beach time.

Then to sum it all up, as we were getting the things together to leave, my friend had his fold out chair strapped on his shoulder with the legs sticking out a bit, where I ended up bumping my head on the legs as I lifted up, I then turned and looked at my friend and said I’m glad that I have this hat on, but then saw this as a prime opportunity to explain the series of events as they played out of what just happened to me, in relations to the talk we had the day before, where he could then see what I was talking about, with something happening and the initial reaction, then because of my initial reaction how things kept happening until I no longer reacted to them.

I mean this was also eye opening to me, to actually see these events play out right in front of me, where by the time I experienced the second things, the old me would have went nuts by then, and down the rabbit hole (per se), into blame, judgment and then depression, which I’m sure would have caused more consequences than I was already facing, so this was a cool cross reference for me to go through, to see/realize, where I stand on when it rains it pours, and the work I still have to do on my initial reactions.

Thanks for reading.


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