Day 579: Waiting for the Sky to Fall Down

Growing up our form of entertainment was story book record, with all kinds of stories, and in one of the stories there was this young animal named chicken little who lived in a town with other animals, that all got alone with each other, so one day as chicken little was out doing its thing, prancing around the town, he got to a point of stopping and taking a rest and as he was resting, something feel on his head and from that moment he believed it was the end, so he ran around town getting people all worked up stating that the ‘Sky is falling down’, so after the panic, they came to Chicken Little and asked him how do he know this, so he took them to where he was under a tree and said, I was standing right here and a piece of the sky fell on my head, at which time an acorn fall on his head, then soon realized the sky wasn’t falling down, it was an acorn. Moral being that the sky never fell down.

The same as waiting for Jesus to come, the apocalypse or dooms day to happen, or better yet, on someone to do what they said they will, as simple as someone saying; “Hey I’m coming by”, so you’ll stop/drop almost everything you’re doing and wait for them to never show up, where gullibility is a key issue here, as the same old wholeheartedly trusting and believing, then waiting for the sky to fall down (hypothetically speaking), while compromising yourself, by stopping the things you have planned to do, then end up missing out on what you have planned to do, then blaming them.

My god and don’t let it be finances, where if you’ve put all your eggs in one basket (per se), you may find yourself up “shits creek without a paddle”, waiting for the sky to fall down and sadly enough, some do this on purpose, being that our mind present expectations in the form of a mind possession that something bad may happen, if we were to follow through with what we said we would do, but no one wants to admit this is so, so we end up making up some excuse as to why we weren’t able to do what we initially said that we was, and leave it at that, with no consideration of the people that may have been affected by our words and broken promises.

I mean as gullible as I was, (and no lie, still at times), I’ve fallen for this countless amount of times, thinking; “Oh yeah it’s going to happen this time”, after believing the excuse that was given by the same person, every time, it’s like we want to believe that the “sky is really falling down”, not realizing that we’ll be wait for the sky to fall down, before anything happen, before we can expect certain people in our world to follow through with what they said.

Another interesting dimension that I’m sure is experienced in our society is the belief that something will happen, just because it was said, then everyone else follows along with what was said, to no avail, meaning it never happens, Jesus coming, never happened, solar flare will destroy the earth, never happened, Y2K, never happened, Ima be a Millionaire, by the time I’m 45, never happened, these things we’re waiting for the sky to fall down before they happen, and probably never will for some.

Question is, will it take the sky to fall down, before we wake up and take responsibility, for the things that happens in our world, or that we’re wait for to happen in our world, being that we have guardianship of this world, so the cleanup is merely up to us, we can’t wait for and/or expect for someone outside of this planet to come clean up our junk, it won’t happen, so [Note to Self ] get off your lazy ass and stop waiting for someone to come through and /or maybe do what they said they said they will or clean up your mess for you, it’ll never happen.

There is another dimension to this story that I will investigate in the post.

To be continued…

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