Day 578: Nothing Happened

As I set down to write, this is what came out in the moment;

Do you actually think that you’re protecting someone by withholding vital information from them, that has to do with things that happened in their lives, especially if you’re a so called friend, when you think that you have the best interest of the other person in mind, this interest is really your own self-interest, that you are choosing not to divulge this information due to the believe that it might affect you and your friendship in some way, I mean what and/or who are you protecting outside of one’s Ego?

Thing is, even if you’re the culprit or not, behind the News/Information that you are withholding, only makes matters worse, of course for the person who this information is related to, but also for you the one withholding the information, where by sticking to the story of ‘Nothing Happened’, creates thing in your life to happen, beyond your control, so when you experience a moment of uncertainty within your life, as to something going on that you just can’t quite pinpoint, and No one is saying anything, do not become frustrated, just rewind the tape to see where you have done this same to someone else in your life and that’s also where the solution to your ‘Whoa’ Lies.

Nine times out of Ten the best way to release yourself from carrying around this burden that will become heavier and heavier as we continue suppressing it every time we see this individual, which causes bags under one’s eyes, is to just free yourself, by putting everything out on the table, I mean because, as the saying goes “Those without Sin let them cast the first stone”, meaning we’ve all made mistakes, not knowing the affects our mistakes may have had on others, and I say mistake, because in this case we’ve Missed the opportunity to Take others into consideration, when being closed mouthed, but say Nothing Happened.

For most part if one has to say Nothing Happened, then something is automatically amiss, being that either something did happen and/or there’s a flawed sense of communication between you and the individual in question, brought on by none other than fear, the fear that something will happen if we do say something, which may not be case, and most of the time if not all, you’re spitefully interrupting this person’s life (by not saying anything) that may cause one to remain stagnant do to the lack of understanding what as happen in their life, that could have brought them closure in a way, to keep stepping for instance, because when it really boils down to it, it’s not the Action, because one can easily get over it, but being left to think whatever, is the killer part, especially when one doesn’t know one’s Mind and/or have the necessary Tools to stop one from reacting to the unsurpassable amount of thought that will come up on the daily about what’s not being told to them, that nothing happened.

Mind you, this is a generalization to things that has happen in one’s life that was life changing, that could have taken a different turn if information was divulged to them, instead of being withheld, and one going through physical and emotional turmoil, I mean for me that’s why I am extremely grateful that I found Desteni when I did, being that the decision I was making and was about to make was self-degrading and could have been detrimental to my wellbeing and that of others.

Thing is, our inherent nature is of spitefulness, and we thrive off of conflict to and towards each other, while smiling in one another’s face, and when it’s time to communicate we choose to pick the most oddest subject matter to talk about, instead of getting to the problem within the matter and getting it over with, especially if it’s a friend, being that friend are more apt to forgive and forget in the long run, and I’m here to tell you from experience once again, it’s not the action that has taken place, because that you can’t change, but sometimes to know, is what’s needed for both parties involve to seek closure. What I realized in this case, is that by speaking up could stop one from creating and experiencing unwanted consequences onto oneself and that of another, so stop carrying the burden of what you may know that others don’t know about themselves, that could possibly assist them to get passed a point within their life, and find things all the better for it, as it is your responsibility to respond.

Thanks for reading.

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